Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 101 Tag!

I was tagged by the wonderful Nicole of Magic-Maid.com to do the Happy 101 Tag. Thanks so much Nicole for the awesome shout out, I feel special! I have "known" Nikki for a while now, since she was on Youtube and she's been nothing but a wonderful friend since then. :-)

The tag is to share 10 random facts and then tag 10 bloggers. Here goes...

1. I am obsessed with Disney. There is no place on Earth that makes me happier than Walt Disney World. It truly is, to me, the happiest place on Earth.

2. I am obsessed with candle tarts. I love all thing smelly (good smells of course) and I have an enormous stock pile of tarts but I am always ordering more. (Are we sensing a trend here? I become obsessed with something and haul and haul and haul).

3. I have a HUGE collection of lipstick and lipgloss but I almost never wear it. I don't know what my problem is. I am so drawn to lipstick and HAVE to have it, yet when I go out I never put it on. I think maybe because I am always going somewhere to eat? Or maybe I feel a bit self conscious putting it on because I never wear it. I am not sure. However, I have been better at putting it on lately.

4. I love Broadway musicals. There's something about a great musical that helps me escape reality. I think it goes hand in hand with my love of Disney (tons of Disney movies are musicals right?) I totally tear up at the end of a show too. I always wonder if the performers know how amazing their jobs are and I try to imagine being one of them. I am such a geek!

5. I hate Recees Peanut Butter Cups. I know they are a favorite of most people but I am not a fan. I think it's because one time when I was a child my mom made peanut butter balls at Christmas time and I binge ate those suckers and got totally sick. I have since hated the peanut butter chocolate combo. Moral of the story: do not over indulge.

6. When I was planning my wedding I tried on 100s of dresses until I finally found the one I wore on my wedding day. I SOBBED over this dress thinking I made a huge mistake. I threw the biggest fit ever weeks before the wedding and even considered buying another dress even though I already went WAY over budget. It ended up working out fine but I still look back at the photos not 100% happy. This week I saw a photo of a wedding on a friend's facebook and there it was, the dress I'd had in my mind's eye and never found, right there on the bride. It had every single element I looked for; I almost cried. I am childish sometimes.

7. I order Chicken Parmigiana almost every time I go out to eat. It's ridiculous how much I enjoy that. Second favorite is Chicken Picatta. I can't make either hahaha. I suck at cooking....

8. ... which leads me to random fact 8) I cannot cook, but I am obsessed with Food Network. I am not sure how I haven't learned to cook from watching but I love watching nonetheless. I love Iron Chef America, Chopped, Diners Drive ins and Dives, 30 Minute Meals, etc. etc.

9. Besides nail polish and makeup I collect Disney things (especially ornaments), rubber duckies and hippos.

10. Diet Dr. Pepper is like crack to me. It's so delicious. I am hopelessly addicted to it!!!!!

I am tagging:
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Prim and Polished


I'm so glad you did this! :D
Man - about the wedding thing. I think your dress was beautiful, and that you looked stunning. I really do. I enjoy seeing your photos!
But I have always, always heard that if you don't like your wedding dress, you will regret it forever. I mean, I've probably heard that about a million times in my life! So I can understand.
I knew you were obsessed with tarts! Haha! I STILL have not ordered from that place you told me about but I have it bookmarked, I will get around to it :P One day, I will order "that perfect cinnamon scent"!!! <3
And I do the same thing with stuff, become obsessed with something and haul and haul and haul it. How do you think I wound up with more than 500 nail polishes in a year? Oh, and I have good friends haha!! They also help me out with stuff like that. ;)

:-) Thanks for tagging me.

Thanks for the compliment on the dress. Everyone did like it so it does make me feel better but it was so hard to shop for it. I can't believe I was so bridezilla with the dress but it is what it is right?! I'll survive! But I will have to link you that AMAZING dress I saw the other day on that girls FB OMG it's to die for!

Yes! Deff order from her, you will not regret it! Those tarts are my love!!!

Hahaha here's the becoming obsessed hoarders :-)

I love your dress in your profile pic. I think you were a beautiful bride, and you look happy which is the most important thing!

Now I understand the comment you left on my 101 tag. It was a blast working at Disney, and made better considering that you got into all the parks for free. So we used to work long hours and then spend some time at another park.

I might have a couple of things for you =P Just let me go through the mess that is my closet, and I will let you know!!! Give me about a week, I am not off work again until Sunday.

Hi Claudia! Thanks so much for the compliments! We actually got married at Disney World, we had the ceremony at the Pavilion and the Reception at Whitehall (Grand Floridian) and desserts at the marina at the GF, it was AMAZING! It's such a great perk to work there and get in the parks for free I'd love that! Awwww you're too kind, you don't have to give me anything!!