Friday, March 5, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy.

I was tagged by Nicole aka MagicMaid to share 10 things that make me happy! Thanks Nicole for the tag, this was fun to put together. If you're reading this then consider yourself tagged. I'd love to read what you all have to say. Please send me a link in the comments if you post your own!!!!! (Photo: Happy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs).

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. Steve, my wonderful husband. He seriously completes my life. I don't know what I'd do without him. He works so hard to provide things for us and I would never have made it through law school without his support. I love my hubby! He's the best!

Photo: Our wedding day on the beach outside Disney's Wedding Pavilion.

2. Disney World. To me Disney really is the "happiest place on Earth". The sights, the sounds (I adore that train's whistle, the music etc.), the smells (Disney simply has this scent IDK what it is but it's everywhere), the shows, the rides, everything about this wonderful place makes me smile. I truly don't have a care in the world when I am in "The World" and that is the best feeling. I have so many wonderful memories there, my first trip with my family, my first trip with my husband, our wedding, trips with friends. Disney will always be my favorite place. I can go on and on about Disney but I won't!

3. My kitties. I love my cats. I can have the worst day ever and these boys make my day!

Shooter is on the left and Deuce is on the right. They're both white but Deuce is "flame point Siamese" so he's got a tiger tail and some orange on his face.

4. My friends and family. I have the best family and amazing friends of course they all make me happy! I'd show photos but I am sure my friends wouldn't want to be featured online without their permission!

5. Books. I love to read, a great book can create so many feeling. Weather it's a laugh out loud hilarious book, a tear jerker or an epic fantasy, a great book can keep me occupied for hours and have me longing for more. The best books are those which I never want to end.

6. Food. I have NO self control. I adore food. My favorite thing EVER is Chicken Parm. I order it all the time pretty much everywhere I go. If I am going for red meat then filet mignon it is. Dessert of choice =cheesecake! YUMMM!!! You'd think I'd know how to cook but NOPE. I stink at cooking. Photo is the filet mignon w/herb butter and a twice baked potato that was served at our wedding. This photo is from our planning session tasting.

7. Nail Polish. Come on, could I really not mentioned nail polish!?! No matter your size nail polish always fits! You girls know, a manicure can change your mood. I love my polish!

8. Musicals. I really really love a good live musical. I have been lucky enough to see several Broadway productions and I have pretty much enjoyed every minute of every show I have seen. My favorite is Legally Blonde the Musical which has since closed. I know, I know, Legally Blonde is not exactly the most artsy serious thing I could have picked as my favorite but I stand by my choice. I saw the show 3 times on Broadway and each time, even though I knew what was coming, it was a laugh out loud good time from start to finish. It was honestly the most fun I have ever had at a show. I also loved Wicked and The Lion King is fantastic. I love them all! When I watch a good show I always wind up with tears in my eyes. I think being a Broadway performer is quite possibly the coolest job in the world. Who wouldn't want to end their shift with a standing ovation everyday right?

9. The Movies. No, not movies, THE movies. I like going to the theater to see movies, I don't necessarily watch many movies at home but I love the theater. I love the atmosphere of a movie theater, the smell of hot buttered popcorn, the posters advertising coming attractions, the size of the screen, it's all so comforting for me for some reason.

10. Blogging. Blogging totally makes me happy. I have been having so much fun developing content for my blog, publishing and interacting with you, my readers. Thanks everyone for reading, I am really having fun with this and it does make me happy.

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Aww, I'm so glad you did this! I love that photo that you chose too - it's one I hadn't seen before, it's lovely. You really had some amazing photos of your wedding!
Your kitties are SO cute! ♥

Thanks for tagging me :) I love these they are so much fun!!!

Thanks on the photo, that's one of my favorites the background looks crazy! I wish I could do that day over and over.

I love my kitties. They brighten my day!

I enjoyed reading this and what adorable cats you have :)

Glad you liked it!!! It was fun to do!!! Thanks, my kitties know they are cuties I think! LOl

The picture of your wedding is wonderful!!
And your kitties are so lovely ;-)

You basically described everything that makes me happy :)

after reading most of these I shook my head in agreement. :)love the list

Thanks Sarah! I love my Disney girls!