Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Essie "Lilacism" and "Carnival"

Essie "Lilacism" is a gorgeous lilac creme color which came out with the Art of Spring Collection. You know me and my cremes and a purple creme = perfection. This color is absolutely stunning!!

As far as the formula on this one is concerned I am a little less enthusiastic. Since this color is essentially a pastel it's thick and pigmented and not too fun to work with. I found it to be pretty goopy and just overall a bit messy. I was able to achieve opacity in just two coats but it was difficult to be neat with this one. I have had trouble with other pastels so I kind of expected to really have to work with this one. Not a huge big deal but not fun either.

Don't worry, these should be the last pics I have waiting to post with that dreaded broken nail!

So then I went shopping with my sister in laws and this girl working at this salon supply store saw me eying Essie's "Carnival" and she said "ohhhh I have that on right now over Lilacism" and showed me her nails... SOLD! It looked so good! So I grabbed it with the intention to bite her style.

I wish "Carnival" photographed properly. It's essentially a rainbow holo glitter in a clear base. When it photographs it looks like silver glitter but I assure you it's rainbow for sure. It looks amazing in the right lighting. My husband and I went out to eat and my nails just sparkled in the dim lighting of the restaurant. Also, I got so many compliments on my nails when I wore this and it was just such an easy combo.

Pretty huh?! I like it. So what do you think of these two together?

Prim and Polished

Disclosure: "Lilacism" was furnished to me by Essie for consideration, I purchased "Carnival Lights" with my own money. All reviews published on this blog are at my own discretion. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


OOOOO so prettyy!! Carnival reminds me of Northern Light Holo Top coat!! =D

ooooo very very pretty!!! I love that!

Wow I love it! It's so pretty : )

Annie - me too! It's def similar!!!

Thanks Lexi, I love it too. I am glad that girl had the combo on for me to copy.

Thanks Jo!

Aww i love this combo! I need to try more layering :D