Monday, August 16, 2010

OPI: Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have a polish to share with you from OPI's Suede line. The newest Suede they offer is Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow and it's a really pretty dark green! My mother and I went to the mall on Friday so I could buy a dress for my Godson's Christening. Of course I had to check out the beauty supply shop there and my wonderful mom treated me to two polishes, this one and Glitterland from the Swiss collection which is a fantastic foiled gold (swatch soon!).

So I look at Suede polishes as shimmery mattes, by that I mean the original polish is not flat matte it's got some dimension, so the matted polish has depth. The color of this one is a gorgeous emerald green. The finish is flat but you can still see the shimmer. When you add a top coat the color is stunning. I did not take photos of it with a topcoat but I will revisit this color in the future and show you that if you're interested. For now, just pics of the Suede finish.

Formula is like a typical matte type polish and dries super quick. I did need three coats to even out any of my application issues because of the quick drying time. Not too much else to say about the formula. On to the swatches:

So what do you think of Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow (Suede)? Do you like the suede finish? I think it looks better with a topcoat (swatches soon). How about you?

I mentioned last week our plan to go zip-lining on Saturday and WE DID IT! And yes, I survived. I loved it. I had a fantastic time. I was TERRIFIED at first but then I felt really comfortable and safe. Here's a pic of me from the final zip in the course, this is not me coming in for a landing, this is me jumping off the platform backward and no hands! I am so proud of myself for conquering my fear because this was an amazing time. I want to go again really soon!

Prim and Polished


*g* at you ziplining.
I'm not too sure about the suede version. it looks good on you though

LOL it was so fun!!!! Thanks, I def. prefer it with the topcoat, I love a good high shine! I love GREEN though! So pretty!

Wow, that is you hangin' there? Looks like fun! :D

This OPI is awesome!

Yup Biba, that's me!!! I am 70 feet in the air!!! Such a rush!

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Great color!! I'm jealous of your ziplining adventure.

Megan, if you ever get the chance to zip def. do it. It was amazing!

Awesome color and experience! great post!!!

Wow, look at you Gina! :P I'm afraid of heights but I believe I would try that, it looks fun!
And that polish is really pretty - I like the finish of the Suedes the best of all mattes.

Nikki- I am right there with you. I almost chickened out but I am so happy I did it. The place we went to is called Empower and it really was empowering. I know it sounds cheesy but I felt so good after doing it! So proud.

I agree, Suedes are the best of the mattes. I might need to try Plastix though just in case.

I have this color but ther oringinal one. dont like it very much in suede

one is pretty is susy skys in the pinireen suede