Monday, June 13, 2011

Random: Yummy Cupcakes & Newport, RI

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My husband and I went to Newport, RI with two friends on Saturday. We had a blast. We took a Segway  tour though the city. Riding those Segways are so fun! 

We went  to Cupcake Charlies on Thames St. in Newport to get some cupcake goodness.  They were featured on Food Network's show Cupcake Wars.  They were on the episode where the bakers were competing to have their cupcakes featured at Duff Goldman's Charm  City Cakes anniversary! They came in second place but if you remember that episode at all I think they were ROBBED. I think they had a much more professional looking display and the winner made a freekin' vanilla TOBACCO cupcake. Ewww!!

Anway, the cupcakes were delish! I got a red velvet and Steve got some tripe chocolate beauty! I would recommend checking them out if you're ever in Newport. I think they have a few Massachusetts locations as well.

Don't they just look incredible?

Steve put his finger through the frosting LMAO: 

Red Velvet, just like mom's: 

Newport is known for their historic mansions and our Segway tour went by a ton of them. I went to college for a year, before transferring closer to home, at Salve Regina University so it was fun to be back there after almost 10 years! WOW I am getting old!!

Salve Regina University's Ochre Point (the admissions building)

Same building, you may recognize it from the movie  True Lies

Steve and me on the ocean near the cliff walk:

In 2002 when I was a student at Salve Regina we planted a tree to honor those lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That tree is so big now making me feel super old!!!

See? Beautiful though!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend. I thought I'd share the highlights! 

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