Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11/2001

Ten years later I find myself reflecting back on the events on September 11, 2001.  I wish I had written my feelings down that day so I could see what my 17 year old mind was thinking, but even without words on paper I remember the day as clearly as if it were yesterday.

I was a senior in high school and 9/11/2001 began as just a normal day early in my senior year.  It was a beautiful day; sunny, warm and perfect really.  I went to school as usual and all was well in my 17 year old mind.  During homeroom, announcements over the PA system were the usual, with an added request:  We were told that there was word of a plane crash in New York City, a city about 90 minutes away from us.  We were asked to say a prayer for those affected and if they got more information they'd let us know. (I went to a Catholic high school, hence the prayer).  The TVs in the classroom came on and we were stunned to see that the plane that hit building 1 was not a small plane as we'd all assumed.  We watched and wondered how this could have happened, but it was still early and we thought it was some kind of strange accident. 

Then we saw the second plane hit. Everyone in the room gasped and then there was a stunned silence that permeated the atmosphere.  We all looked around at each other in horror and wondered what on Earth was happening! Who would do such a thing? What were the people in the building doing? How many would die? We knew now it was no accident, we were being attacked... but was this the end, or just the beginning.

I remember the news speculating on how many more planes there were, where they were targeting and we all moved throughout our day, classroom to classroom, watching the live newscast wondering what to expect next. We were just kids, but almost adults and we just didn't know what was happening or why.

The images of the day are seared in my memory.  The building burning, then FALLING, oh my gosh, falling.  Who would have imagined such devestation.  Watching this all unfold live is a living horror that no one can forget.  I always think of those in the planes and wonder, "did they know?" I wonder what those who were forced to jump from the building were thinking in their final moments on Earth.  Did they even know what happened? Did they even know why? Not a single person that day deserved that end. 

I didn't lose anyone in these attacks but those killed have a special place in my heart nonetheless.  The innocent victims and the many heroes of the day deserve to never be forgotten and they live on as a reminder that this World is a dangerous place and that life is short and precious and never to be taken for granted.  

As we remember, 10 years later, I want to personally say thank you to every first responder, everyone who gave blood, who cleaned up, who joined the military, who fought for our flag and everyone who believes this country is great! Those we lost and those still with us, we love you and we will never ever forget that day in history when our lives were turned upside down by an unspeakable act of evil.   

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment today to just remember all of the souls lost and affected by 9/11. 

Prim and Polished