Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Essie: Eternal Optimist (Pink Wednesday!)

Hi everyone! Long time no post. I have no excuses either, I am just lazy! Sorry for the interruption in posts and expect to see regular posts as per usual starting now. Thanks for understanding.

Today I wanted to show you a random Essie color from my collection. On Wednesday's we wear pink and this is a peachy pink but still a pink to me. This is Eternal Optimist and it's a really pretty peachy nude creme on me. I have seen photos of this looking a lot more putty like but to me it's pretty peachy. I only used two coats for the opacity shown and had no issues with streaking or balding. 

What do you think of Eternal Optimist? I think it's a really nice color for work or when you want a break from bright and crazy colors.  This is a go to conservative color for me. 

So on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend  my husband and I took the train into NYC for the day to just hang out. It was seriously over 90 degrees and humid but we had fun anyway. We planned to walk down the the East Village and visit the store Obscura which is the shop on the Science Channel show Oddities. We love that show so we thought it would be cool to go down and see the shop. We were hoping to see one of the people who appear on the show and we did! More on that below!

When we got off the train in Grand Central Terminal we were pleasantly surprised to see a street fair on Lexington Avenue.  So before heading down to the East Village we headed up Lexington Ave. to check out all of the street vendors.  I could have eaten something from every amazing stand they had there but I controlled myself and just did some sampling.  Hubby and I shared grilled corn, a dulce de leche crepe, a steak kabob, pickles, fresh watermelon, a thai spring roll and more! It was so fun to wander up and down the street.   I wish I bought some jewelry when I was there but I didn't :(

Pictured below: Street fair and the Chrysler Building in the distance. 

After eating and exploring we headed down to the East Village to find Obscura. It was a long walk in the heat but so much fun! When we got there I was a hot mess from the heat but whatever!

Pictured below: Obscura Shop Window

Pictured below: Obscura window display. If you've seen the show you know the part where Edgar Oliver (a strange store regular) says "Is that a straight jacket?" LOL

We were happy to see that one of the owners and stars of the show was there working that day! Mike was so nice and welcoming and posed for photos, signed a postcard for me and chatted with us and another couple about the show. They had recently moved into this space so it's not the same shop featured in the show, they are shooting the next season there soon though.  They were not shooting that day.

There was another couple, about our age, there who were from FL and on their honeymoon. They were so cute! They were big fans of the show and were getting such a kick out of chatting with Mike. I was glad they were there because I may have been too starstruck to ask for a photo. LOL I am so lame! 

Pictured below: Mike from Oddities and me looking a hot mess

The store had all kinds of bizarre antique goodies to explore.  I ended up just buying a t-shirt but I had so much fun there and was so happy to be able to meet Mike. He's the nicest guy and so fun to talk to. I imagine it can get quite annoying to have fans in and out of the store all day but he seemed to genuinely enjoy the interest in the show.  Very cool! 

Pictured below: Various store goodies

If you haven't watched the show Oddities you should check it out. It's so much fun! Any Oddities fans out there? 

On the way back uptown we saw some men painting a Rock of Ages promotional image on a building. I have never seen anything like that before it was too cool! They were working in different sections and meeting up with each other. That is simply amazing talent right there! 

Pictured below: Rock of Ages painters

We walked by the Empire State Building which will always hold a special place in my heart! My husband proposed to me on top of that building! <3 

Pictured below: The Empire State Building from the ground. 

We had a great day in NYC. I feel so lucky to live so close to such a fantastic city! That Saturday was booming in NYC, between the street fair and a beautiful farmer's market in Union Square we had so much fun. 

Thanks for reading. Again, sorry for the lack of posting, I will get back to it now! :-)

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