Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to Reality

Hi everyone!!! I hope you're all doing well. I just got back *on Sunday* from an amazing week long cruise! My first cruise! My husband and I took a 7 night cruise on the Celebrity Summit from New Jersey to Bermuda.  It was awesome!!! I never wanted to leave, but it's back to reality now. Sigh. Bermuda is amazing and if you every have a chance to get there, GO!! We went snorkeling on the first day and it was amazing *(except I got stung by a jellyfish and STILL have a mark from last Wednesday LOL) Below are some photos from the vacation. Enjoy!

Here I am getting ready to leave Cape Liberty in Bayonne NJ:

This is my husband Steve and me. At sail away. A nice gentleman took a photo for us:

Here's Steve in front of our ship at King's Wharf Bermuda:

This is a photo taken with one of those disposable underwater cameras during our snorkel excision (where the jelly got me) This was over a shipwreck:

This is another one taken with the underwater camera. The color is WAY off, I think the X-Ray machine made it fade a bit. That's me near a cave at Horseshoe Bay Beach.  I feel in a hole so I look short(er) LOL: 

Here's Steve in front of the same cave:

Here's a photo of the stunning pink sand beach, Horseshoe Bay Beach. Take a look at the large circular rock formation in the distance. Steve is on top of that (ready to jump) in the next pic:

This is one of my favorite pics from the trip. That's Steve on top of a rock formation  ready to jump and look at the lightening in the background!! I didn't  notice it until I looked at the pics. INSANE! Water is about 20 feet out there so it was safe to jump and even dive.

Down the way from Horseshoe Bay beach are some amazing secluded pink sand beaches. We spent some time there  as well and had the beach virtually to ourselves. Never more than 8 people on that beach during our time there:


Amazing right? I wish I could stay there forever but alas I am back and back to work today. Sigh. I will have to plan another trip and start saving :-)

I hope you all enjoyed a few of our photos and I hope the blog posts I scheduled last week were entertaining. 

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