Monday, February 28, 2011

OPI: Don't Mess With OPI (Texas Collection)

Monday again.

Today I have another OPI Texas polish to share. This is Don't Mess With OPI which is  "a lean mean kick ass green." LOL. It's a really pretty green which appears slightly lighter than  a hunter green.  It's super pretty. I LOVE greens!

Now you might be thinking "But Gina, this looks exactly like OPI's Jade is the New Black so why do I need it?" Well I say to you, no.... it's not the same. LOL. It is different. Trust me. Stay tuned for a comparison but trust me, it's different enough to own both if you're a green lover. I promise I will get a comparison up soon.
Formula on this was lovely. Fully opaque in two coats, applied smoothly, wasn't too thick. I even managed not to make a mess with the pro-wide brush. Yay! :-) 

Thumbs up for this one. I really love it. It's one of my favorites from this collection so  far. I am really happy with it. How do you like it? Picking it up?
Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Apothica $25 Gift Card Giveaway

If you haven't checked out you really should. They sell tons of high end makeup brands like Smashbox, Shiseido, GloMinerals, Clinque, Bobbi Brown and more!  

I've personally been using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in light for ages now in my everyday foundation routine and I love that product. It's oil free and primes my face perfectly allowing my foundation to go on smoothly without accentuating my flaws. Because it's oil free my face doesn't get greasy throughout the day which is the best part. Apothica carries the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in all of it's formulations so if you're looking for a great primer but don't have oily skin there might be one for you. 

Apothica has is generously offering one lucky reader a $25 gift certificate that can be used at and There are so many amazing products on each of those sites I am sure you can all find something you want!

 RULES: (Please follow the rules because I hate disqualifying people)

To win this giveaway:
1.  You must be a public follower and tell me your Google Friend Connect name. REQUIRED.
2.  You must choose one of the 3 options as a second entry, either Facebook, Twitter or Blog. REQUIRED.
Option 1: Facebook1. Visit 2. Write on Apothica’s Facebook wall about what you think of Apothica    Bonus Entry: Opt in to Apothica’s Newsletter
Option 2: Twitter1. Visit 2. Tweet about Apothica on your own Twitter Account    Bonus Entry: Retweet Apothica’s tweet about this giveaway
Option 3: Blog 1. Visit 2. Write something on your blog about what you think of Apothica     Bonus Entry: Write about Smashbox and link it to Apothica.

3.  You must fill out the form with at least 2 entries and submit by the deadline. One of which is you Google Friend Connect name the 2nd is one of the 3 options.
4. If you do more than one thing you will earn bonus entires.

The giveaway will be open from February 26, 2011 to 11:59 EST on March 12, 2011.

The winner will be selected from valid entries using

I will contact the winner and ask for your name, shipping address, phone number and email. I will then forward that information to Apothica. 

Apothica will contact the winner to verify information is correct.

After verification, Apothica will email the a code for the $25 gift card to be used at,, and

The contest is open internationally, but Apothica does not ship to all countries
Make sure to save SkinCareRx as a contact in your email box to avoid losing email to spam.

Use the spreadsheet below to enter. Good luck! 

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Kiss My Face Soaps in Multipack!

Soap Heaven
Kiss My Face Olive Bar Multipacks Big Deal! 


For centuries the people of the Mediterranean have recognized the benefits of Olive Oil to nourish and moisturize the skin.  Bob MacLeod and Steve Byckiewicz, founders of Kiss My Face, recognized these benefits back in the early 1980’s and began selling their first product, olive soap imported from Greece.  Today, this unique cleansing and softening bar remains as simple and pure as a soap can be.  Long lasting and made from the purest natural ingredients, the Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soaps are suitable for all skin types.

For a limited time only, Kiss My Face is offering its Mediterranean miracle olive oil bar soaps in multipacks.  There are a few ways to absorb the soap suds.  Customers can buy two 4 oz bars and get two free or buy two 8 oz bars and get one free.  Either way, these bars are a clean break!     

Kiss My Face Big Deal Bar Multipacks – Key Features
  • Each bar contains 86% pure olive oil harvested from sun drenched Mediterranean olive orchards
  • Soap works to heal eczema, acne and psoriasis
  • 4 oz Multipacks are available in Olive & Aloe, Pure Olive Oil, Olive & Honey and Olive & Lavender
  • The 8 oz Multipacks are available in Olive & Chamomile, Olive & Green Tea, Olive & Lavender, Olive & Aloe and Pure Olive Oil

The Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Multipacks are available for $5.99 (4 oz) and $7.99 (8 oz) at


I am in the process of reviewing some Kiss My Face products. Stay tuned for full reviews.

Prim and Polished
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Zoya: Dannii (Intimate Collection)

TGIF! It's been a LONG week for me. Even though I had Monday off... actually probably because  I had Monday off! Today I have another color from Zoya's Intimate collection to share with you.

This is Dannii. Why does it have two "i"s at the end you ask? Why indeed. Oh well.  Zoya describes Dannii as: " Medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer". I think that's pretty accurate but on the nail I see way more of the pink shimmer than the champagne shimmer.  On the website their swatch is totally off in my opinion. They show a darker purple with more champagne throughout. You can judge for yourself if that is accurate.

The formula is good. You really need a top coat with this one as it's got that metallic finish which makes it dry slightly matte.   I got full opacity with just two coats and no real issues with balding or streaking which is always a plus.

Overall I like this shade. I am a sucker for a good purple and this one works for me. It's nothing to get overly excited about but it's nice to have and really performs well. Did you pick this one up? 
Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OPI- San Tan-Tonio

Hi! Hope all is well where ever you are!! Today I want to share a polish from the OPI Texas Collection. 

This is San Tan-Tonio which OPI describes as "the perfect honey tan".   I think that description is pretty accurate.  I think the color is really pretty. It reminds me of creamy peanut butter or a chai tea latte or maybe a nice cafe au lait, or something, LOL. I am not sure if those are attractive descriptions to you but I love those things.  I did not think I was going to like this  one but I really really do.  I think it really works with my skin tone well. I think maybe if I had a tan working it wouldn't look all that great on me but with my pale winter skin I am really digging this look. I guess it's sort of one of those ugly chic colors.  I can see myself in this a lot. I think it's a nice neutral color for work or play.

The formula on this was great. I still hate the pro-wide brush, it's bigger than my pinkie nail, but I made it work for me.   I am getting used to the wide brush. I wish it was flatter not so full but it is what it is.  I had no trouble with streaking or balding and it was nearly opaque in one coat and fully opaque in two.  It's also got a nice shiny finish to it as you can see in the photos, I did not use a top coat and it was not dull at all. 

I am a big fan of this color. I don't know what it is with neutrals lately but I dig them. What do you think of this one? Skipping or dying to get you claws on it? 

P.S. my new camera is amazing. These photos are from the old one but soon you'll see photos from the new one. It has a "super macro" setting on it which is incredible. I am so excited to be able to take good quality pics without sunlight as it was getting tough with the winter weather!
Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Amika Shine Spray

Hi everyone! I am lucky enough to have President's Day off today so I am excited. I was excited to get some swatching done, but I guess I should have done more yesterday because it's freekin' snowing, AGAIN! I hate it! Yucky!!! But on another note I got a new camera and I am so excited to play with it. It has a "super macro" setting so it should take amazing nail photos. My husband got it for me for Valentine's Day! I love it! So the next few photos prob won't be from the new camera but soon I will be exclusively using it! So on to today's review: 

Today I am reviewing Amika Shine Spray which is an oil based hair product. It has Sea Buckthorn oil, which is becoming more and more popular in beauty products of late and Moroccan Argan Oil which is also a hot product right now.  Here's what the company has to say about it:

This product smells so good. I think it's the Argan Oil because the Morccon Argan Oil products my salon uses smells similar. It's really pretty and fruity/fresh.

If you use the proper amount (more on that later) it does help when styling your hair. I found if I didn't use too much I was able to blow dry it easier and the ends would curl in or out, however I directed them better than if I didn't use any product. 

A little goes a long way! I'd suggest spraying this product into your hands and smoothing it onto your hair. If you spray it directly into your hair you run the risk of saturating some spots of your hair with product making it look greasy, after all, it is an oil.  So be careful. The nozzle can be hard to control, it can come out in a wide spray or pretty narrow direct spray. So stick to placing it in your hands first. 

I do like the shine that the proper amount of this stuff leaves in my hair. It does leave your hair looking "done" after styling. It controls static electricity fly aways and frizz well.  So you're left with smooth styled hair which is the look we all go for I am sure.

Amika Shine Spray can be purchased at for $24.  I think the price is slightly high but it's natural and the bottle is HUGE; 3.38 fl. oz.  Like I said, a little goes a long way so it will last a long long time.  

Overall I think if  you're looking to splurge on  a high end hair product this is a really nice oil.  The smell alone makes me happy! 

Have you tried Amika Shine Spray? What do you think of it? Have you tried any other Sea Buckthorn or Argan oil products? I'd love to hear recommendations!

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoya: Marley

Good morning everyone.I hope you're all having a great week. Today I want to share another color from Zoya's Intimate Collection. This is Marley which Zoya describes as "Lightest baby lavender touched with a hint of gray-silver and a subtle pearl finish. " This color is similar to China Glaze's Light as Air accept it has that subtle shimmer. Make sure you enlarge the photos to view the shimmer because it's very subtle.

I love colors like this but I am actually not sure this particular color looks all that great on my skin tone. I am still on the fence about it. I do love these colors for spring though.

I find the formula to be easy to work with and I agree with the assertion that it is not chalky. Keep in mind these photos do not have a top coat so it's not very shiny but it's not chalky. I only needed two coats for opacity which is always a plus in my book.

So what do you think of Marley? Love it or leave it? Did you pick this one up?

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This polish was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crosscreek Country Candles Giveaway WINNER!

Thank you all for entering my Crosscreek Country Candles giveaway!  We ended up with lots of last minute entries and a total of 57 VALID entries.  Unfortunately I had to disqualify a lot of people who cannot follow directions. It was required to follow Crosscreek on facebook, as they're being generous enough to giveaway a gift card yet several entries put N/A in the field.... I don't understand that. I clearly explained the rules and made those fields required to complete the form.  Oh well, your loss.

On to the winner!

We had 59 entries. I used to generate a winner and that winner was: 

Stephanie from Imperfectly Painted! Congratulations Stephanie!! Isn't it funny how you had bonus entries but the original entry is what won it? You won a $25 gift card to Crosscreek Country Candles!! Be sure to come back and let us know what scents you tried! 

I will email you to let you know you won and forward your email to Deana so she can send you your code to use at checkout. Congratulations, thanks for entering and reading. 

Prim and Polished
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate's Life For Me: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

You all know I am a Disney fanatic so when I saw this press release in my inbox I just about squealed! OPI has created a new collection inspired by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean  series, specifically the newest movie which comes out this summer, On Stranger Tides.  I am so excited for this collection! All of the colors look fantastic as well! Yay!!!

Please enjoy the press release and promo images: 

OPI captures the bright colors and breathtaking escapades seen in Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with six limited-edition Nail Lacquers and a new Silver Shatter!  Disney’s highly-anticipated fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is directed by Rob Marshall and features an all-star cast, including Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.
To celebrate the new film, OPI launches its Spring 2011 BRIGHTS Collection, which features a groundbreaking new color addition in the Shatter coat formula– Silver. Inspired by graffiti art, this shade leaves behind a crackled, two-texture silver finish when painted over any dry OPI hue.
OPI is thrilled to celebrate the latest film in this beloved series,” saidSuzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “ThePirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides lacquers were inspired by a world filled with mythical mermaids, gleaming treasure, and high-seas adventure. With shades ranging from sage and lavender to khaki gray and pastel pink, these colors are evocative of a warm, tropical setting, with a classic nautical influence.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection includes:

Skull & Glossbones
Best light gray ever, no bones about it.

Mermaid’s Tears
Few have seen this magical green.

Steady as She Rose
This gorgeous pink is your final destination.

Planks a Lot
Dive into style with this lustworthy purple!

Sparrow Me the Drama
This cool, collected pink means business!
Stranger Tides
Explore this uncharted sea of sage.

Silver Shatter
A shimmering sea of silver with a two-texture finish.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides-inspired Nail Lacquers by OPI contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application. 
This limited-edition Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection will be available beginning May 2011 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $8.50 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.


So what do you think!? I am most excited for Stranger Tides, Skill and Glossbones and Mermaid's Tears

Prim and Polished
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Happy Valentines Day with a Heart Glitter Manicure

GIVEAWAY REMINDER: I am hosting a great giveaway to my favorite candle tart shop, Crosscreek Country Candles. I know you'd all love the product so please enter.  There aren't many entries and it's making me sad. Giveaway ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm EST. Good luck! Enter the giveaway here, it's easy! 

Good morning everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your sweeties spoil you today! Let me know if you have any fun plans for the holiday, I'd love to hear them!

Here's my Valentine's Day manicure. I saw this heart glitter by Love My Nails last night at Walmart for $1 and figured, "why not?" so I picked it up for an easy to create festive mani.  I put it over China Glaze's Flyin' High and I think it's pretty cute. 

The Love My Nails Violets are Blue  glitter was slightly difficult to work with. I find anytime there are large particles submersed in a polish it's pretty tough to a) get them to come out of the brush and b) place them where you want them.  I wish I was able to get more hearts on the nails but overall for $1 I think it's pretty cute.  You all know I am not the best at nail art so this was my cop-out for the holiday.

So what do you think of this festive manicure? Cute or not Valentine's Day enough in your book? Let me know what your plans for the day are!

Prim and Polished
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zoya: Dove

GIVEAWAY REMINDER: I am hosting a great giveaway to my favorite candle tart shop, Crosscreek Country Candles. I know you'd all love the product so please enter.  There aren't many entries and it's making me sad. Giveaway ends 2/14/2011 at 11:59pm EST. Good luck! Enter the giveaway here, it's easy! 

Hi everyone! Welcome to the weekend. I hope you enjoy it. My husband and I are planning a nice dinner tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day early. Do you have any fun plans?

Today I want to share Zoya's Dove with you. Dove  is part of the Intimate collection Zoya just put out for spring. I mentioned before that I LOVE this collection. I think each color is so beautiful and this is no exception.

Dove is described as "a delicate pale gray cream".  It's quite similar to Deborah Lippmann's Waking up in Vegas and a couple dollars cheaper. While this color is not entirely unique these days I do love it and I am happy to have it.  I rock these grays constantly. I think they're so versatile. I feel like they can be fine for work and transition well to everyday life.  I cannot get enough of these types of colors! 
The formula was pretty good. I think you can see I had a slight issue with pooling but it wasn't impossible and I was in a rush. I was swatching, not doing a full mani. So I'd say just apply with caution that it could possible pool in the cuticle if you're careless. 

Overall this is a great one for me. I will be pulling this out of the Helmer on the regular. What do you think?

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This polish was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy
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