Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hard Candy: Coco Smore

Hi everyone! Today I have a fun polish from Hard Candy to share with you all. I purchased this, and another polish from the line a few weeks ago at my local Super Walmart. Only the "Super" Walmart has these in my area. This is Coco Smore  and it's from Hard Candy's Sprinkles line. I was really interested in the Sprinkles polishes in particular because they looked the most fun and unique to me.

Coco Smore is a taupe base color with both white and black glitter. The glitter is dense and some of it gets covered in the base color but for some reason I think that's why I like it. I love the "sprinkle" polishes, they all have this same look. I have one more and may go back for the others.

Application was fine, this was two coats and fully opaque. It wasn't very long wearing but I did get at least two days out of it with no chipping or wear. Not bad.

I paid $4.99 for this bottle which may seem like a decent price but these polishes are just over 1/2 the size of a standard nail polish so be sure you note that when determining just how good of a deal you're getting. I am not a fan of the bottle - it made for awkward photos. 


Overall I think this is a really fun color/concept. Price is okay but bottle is small. I had a hard time finding these so hopefully they expand the line to other, smaller, Walmart stores. 

Have you tried anything from Hard Candy's new line? Which polishes do you recommend from the brand? What do you think of this one?

Prim and Polished

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

OPI: Don't Burst My Bubble and Which is Witch? (Pink Wednesday)

On Wednesdays we wear pink and today I have a soft and sheer milky pink to share with you.  This is Don't Burst My Bubble from OPI's Oz collection. This polish, and the other polish featured today, was sent to be by PR for consideration.

Don't Burst My Bubble is a soft and sherry milky pink shade which is perfect if you have a conservative work place or just need a break from all the color! It's a nice color that makes the nail tips appear really white, which I love. Sometimes sheer colors make the whites appear yellowish or otherwise off-colored. This one doesn't do that at all. I like it.

I applied two coats for the photos below and while it's not opaque, it's not bad at two coats. I think these colors are intended to be sheer like this, so while three coats may eliminate some of the visible nail line, two coats are adequate for a polished look.

I wanted to dress Don't Burst My Bubble  up a bit so I added two coats of Which is Witch? on top. Which is Witch? is a silver and holographic glitter containing fine particles of bar glitters and medium sized holographic hex glitters. It's suspended in a clear base but PACKED with glitter.

I wasn't sure I'd  like this glitter because the bar glitters really do nothing for me, but this one is stunning once applied. The bar glitter is so fine that it doesn't appear the way traditional bar glitter does. This polish creates an almost iced effect on the nails. It's simply beautiful  - I am glad I tried it! 


What do you think of these two?

On a side note: I finally went to see OZ: The Great and Powerful last weekend. It was ok but I was disappointed overall. Michelle Williams, who I typically do not love, was awesome though and she looked amazing, especially her skin. What a beauty!  I guess I had high hopes that would never be met. It was pretty though. I am a little less than thrilled that OPI thought SoftShades would do Oz justice. Strange choice. Did you see the movie? What did you think of it!?

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SpaRitual: Conglomerate

Good morning everyone! I hope you're all having a great day! Before I get into the nail polish I want to share a photos from  my weekend. My close friend Sarah is having a baby and Sunday was her baby shower! He's a great photo of me with my fellow Disney Brides. We all had a Disney wedding and met and became great friends because of it. I love these ladies.

Me, Kathy, Sarah, Danni and Jessica:

So on to the nail polish. I purchased this polish months ago and haven't gotten around to wearing it until now.  This is SpaRitual's Conglomerate

Conglomerate is a charcoal color with a gold shimmer and silver and black glitter. This is a really interesting color combo and I don't have anything else like it in my collection at all. The gold shimmer really makes this very interesting.  I love this color!

The formula is a bit tricky to deal with. It's really thick and gooey. I used two coats for opacity and had no issues with balding or streaking. The wear on this wasn't great and around day 3 I was able to peel all of it off. 

What do you think of this one? Do you have a favorite from SpaRitual? I don't see the line around a lot but they do have some fantastic and unique colors.

Prim and Polished

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Pure Ice Shades (Press Release)

Pure Ice has some new colors available for spring. I love Pure Ice. The quality is generally great and the polishes are so inexpensive and readily available at Walmart! I am excited to see Bikini and Can't Stop in person! 

Press Release:


Pure Ice is a line of cutting-edge nail enamels that are always on-trend and in style. With winter making its subtle exit and spring right around the corner. There is no better time to remix your muted Mani's from dark edgy shades to softer feminine hues.This spring Pure Ice has four long lasting shades that would be sure to awaken your senses and add a bit of "spring-spiration" to the perfect mani.

                                   1. After Hours- An electrifying pink
                                   2. Bikini- A dazzlingly bright creamy blue. 
                                   3. Can't Stop- A vibrant coral orange hue
                                   4. Home Run- An illustrious creamy mint green
All Pure Ice nail enamels are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP and contain a patented salon long-wear formula for a look that will last. Retailing at only $1.97, these polishes are the perfect way to bring chic looks from the runway your way with out breaking the bank! Pure Ice nail enamels are available through and Walmart and Walgreens stores nationwide. We would love if you'd share this news with your readers! Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.

For more information, please visit or follow OfficialPureIce on Facebook
Twitter (@OfficialPureIce) and Instagram

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: Information and Photos provided by company PR.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zoya: Dahlia

Good morning! I hope you all have an amazing day! Today I want to show you another one of Zoya's Pixie Dust polishes. This is Dahlia and it was sent to me by Zoya's PR for consideration. If you've seen my other Pixie Dust reviews you know I am loving this nail polish trend. The finish is a textured matte which feels sandy to the touch. I didn't think I would like that feeling but it's nice!

Dahlia is a black textured matte with a silver sparkle. The shimmer on this one is absolutely stunning. The silver offers a nice contrast against the black base.

I used two coats for the opacity shown and the formula was excellent. I have found all of the Pixie Dust polishes apply perfectly. Since this is matte you do not use a top coat unless you want to have a slick look. These dry quickly between coats.

 Who is loving this trend like I am?

Have you gotten any new polishes lately? I want to know what is sticking out in your mind as the next best thing!

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy

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Monday, March 18, 2013

OPI: You're Such a Budapest

Good morning everyone! Today I have a really pretty spring color to share with you from the OPI Euro Centrale collection. This item was provided to me for consideration by OPI's PR. (Disclosure Policy). 

This is You're Such a Budapest which is a lilac jelly color. I love the color but the formula needs work. It's extremely sheer, as you can see from the swatches. I used two coats for the photos shown below but you absolutely need three or more for this one to look great.  Don't get me wrong, I love jellies, but this one was not so easy to apply because it's quite milky. You can see the balding in the photos below.


See what I mean? I do LOVE the color though so I will make this work! What do you think of this one?
Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Farewell Google Reader

Unfortunately, Google Reader, the way I prefer to follow blogs, is being retired on July 1, 2013. I follow all of my blogs through Google Reader and I am sad to hear it's going. I have read mixed reports on if that means Google Friend Connect is going too, I sure hope not!

You can import all of the blogs you follow on Google Reader into Bloglovin by going here. Check out oooh, Shinies! post on how to import your blogs here. She's got a really clear explanation which I found super helpful when doing this on my own.

There are a number of ways to follow my blog - found in my side bar. You can follow me with Bloglovin by clicking the button below:

Follow on Bloglovin

Two of my lovely readers informed me that you can also use Feedly to import Google Reader blogs you're following. Thanks to readers Kelly and Traci for the tip! 

As always, thanks for reading an following!

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FTC Update to Disclosure Regulations

Good morning beauties. I just wanted to briefly discuss the new FTC disclosure regulations with you all.  You can read the official document here if you wish.

The FTC wants to make sure that blog readers are aware when bloggers receive free items for consideration and when they use affiliate links. Here's my policy, which you can read more about here (I have always had this disclosure available to you at the top of my page and periodically update it. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask). This has been the rule since 2009 but apparently the FTC thinks we need really really really make sure you know! So this is a reminder of how I have been disclosing.

As I am sure you're all aware, bloggers often receive product samples from companies and PR representative for consideration. I ALWAYS let you know when that is the case. Here's what you will see in my blog, under my "thanks for reading banner" whenever I feature an item that was provided to me for free:

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy

I decide what to review on my blog and what to say about it. I take pride in my honest reviews and if I don't like something I will say it. Receiving the product for free has absolutely no impact on if I chose to review it or what I chose to say about it in a review. Again, this is covered on my disclosure page in greater detail. 

An affiliate link is a link that some bloggers use within a post to direct you to a product mentioned in the post. If the reader clicks on that link AND makes a purchase, affiliates receive some sort of commission.  In my Zoya reviews I used Zoya's "Share the Love" link, and when I do I always make sure to note that in the disclosure I showed you above. I do not get money for that, I can earn points if people make a purchase through that link, but to be honest I have never even used any points, nor have I even earned many. The Zoya Share the Love Program is available to ANYONE who shops Zoya.  The only other link in my profile that can benefit me is the Ebates link I have in my side bar. I can earn cash for referring people to Ebates - only if they sign up through that link. (Which you should do, Ebates is amazing). I want you all to be aware of this so I have added "Referral Link" above that to make sure it's always clear. Again, this is a program open to any Ebates user, not just bloggers. If the time comes that I use other affiliate links I will be sure to let you all know what they are. 

All other links you see on my site, to shops, products, blogs etc. are just standard links that earn nothing. Just helping you find products featured. 

I hope this is all clear to you all. The disclosure of free products has always been present on this blog, as well as the general disclosure policy at the top of the page. If you haven't seen that until now, I am sorry, but here's a reminder that it's there for your benefit. I want you to read my reviews, know where I got the products, know what I think, and make an informed decision. I am not a salesperson, I am just a girl who loves nail polish and wants to share it with the world. 

Here are a few other bloggers from the Beauty Blog Coalition who have posted on the recent FTC changes, please be sure to check our their posts for some great information  I will do my best to update the list as more bloggers post:

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Me-Lissa Nail Lacquer: The One That Got Away

Hello beautiful people! Today I have another indie polish from Etsy to share with you.  This is The One That Got Away by Me-Lissa Nail Lacquer. This is technically a Valentine's polish but it's still available on the Etsy store.

It's a really interesting glitter suspended in a clear base. I love the heart shaped glitter and I had no issues getting it to come out of the bottle and apply. Sometimes large glitters sink to the bottom but that was not the case here.

I swatched this one on my bare nails so you can see the color in its purest form. I'd suggest checking out the Etsy listing to see it over a few different colors.

Me-Lissa Nail Lacquer polishes are 3-free and handmade. 

A full bottle of this sells for $8.75. You can also check out Me-Lissa Nail Lacquer's Facebook here

What do you think of this fun glitter?

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hillbilly Love Lacquer (Etsy)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a great week. We're finally going to be seeing the sun stick around a bit longer, spring is on the horizon!

Today I want to show you some polishes from the Etsy shop Hillbilly Love Lacquer. The owner, Alisa, is from Tennessee and she's come up with some hilarious creative names for her down home lacquers. You're sure to crack a smile browsing through her shop. All of the polishes are 3-free and sell for $8.50.

The formula on all three of these was different than what I am used to. It's almost gel like (not gel polish like Shellac, but just gel like in texture). I have never experienced a texture like these. Very interesting.  I don't love it but I don't hate it. It's in the middle for me. I applied all three with no real issues so it's all good.

The bottles are really nice looking with professional looking labels featuring the color name and company logo. 

First up I have Buckshot (see, told you the names were adorable). This is a blue/grey shimmer with copper glitter. I used two coats for the opacity shown, I think you'd be better off with three.


Next up is Hick-Tastic  LOL. This is a light pink with pink, white and holographic glitter. The glitter in this one is really fun!  I used two coats for the opacity shown. The base is sort of a shimmery jelly so I am not sure more coats would  necessarily equal more opacity

And last but not least is Bluegrass  which is a teal jelly with teal, navy and holographic glitter.  This one is really pretty. Two coats are pictured, I think it's fine with two but three migh be preferable. 

Overall, I think this shop has some really unique and cute lacquers, and the names are just hilarious and creative. I don't think any other companies have come up with a similar concept so kudos for originality. If you're looking for something fun, or for a gift to give your redneck friend, this company can provide just that. (LOL). 

Have you tried anything from this Etsy shop? Are you interested in trying any of the colors?

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and done at my discretion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy

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