Wednesday, January 27, 2010

China Glaze: "Light as Air" (Up & Away Collection)

"Light as Air" is part of China Glaze's Up & Away collection. Transdesign describes it as periwinkle which I guess makes sense. I think it's a lilac/lavender color, very pastel, leans a bit gray. It's beautiful! My husband was not a fan of it though. I said "do you like this?" he said "ehhhhh" LOL. Colors like this are right up my alley though. Purple cremes and me are best friends. Not sure this particular shade is best for my skintone but I will rock it nonetheless because I love it too much.

The formula on this is on the thick side. I didn't find it particularly difficult to apply. I was anticipating streaks but I didn't really get any. It's pretty much opaque in one coat, this is two just to fix any minor imperfections. I love two coaters. I die a little inside when I have to do more than two coats.

How do you feel about "Light as Air"? Did you pick this up yet? Are you planning to?

P.S. sorry about the nubbins, I had two bad breaks this week.

Prim and Polished


I love the color and I think it looks pretty on you!

I really like this colour. Your husband knows nothing!! :p

LOL tell him Rebecca ;-)


This is so awesome. I'm all about the pastels!

so pretty!! I love this color!!

"I die a little inside..."

I love it, me too! XD

LOL I do, I do!!! Two coats or bust!