Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clearance at Target and Rimmel "Celebrity Bash"

Get your booty to Target and check out all of the cosmetics they have on clearance. I am not sure if they are revamping their beauty section or what but they have tons of things marked down, way down. I didn't find much I really really wanted but I did find these four things and I am sure glad I did. Here's what I snagged:
Revlon Gentle Cuticle Remover: This stuff rocks. I love it. It has a slight tea tree/menthol/peppermint scent to it which I enjoy. It works well and for $3.44 you can't go wrong.

Rimmel "Deliciously Dark" is a really pretty blackened purple for the 60 Second line. I believe these are discontinued due to their new nail polish formula but I am not sure. I haven't worn it yet but I will swatch it when I do.

Rimmel "Hypnotise" is a really pretty plummy purple. I haven't worn it yet.

Rimmel "Celebrity Bash" is what I am currently wearing right now *for three days now which is INSANELY long for me, it's a gorgeous vampy maroon:

This is the first Rimmel polish I have used and I have to say, I love it. The formula is exceptional. I am wondering why I always overlooked Rimmel before. This color was opaque in just 2 coats. It was the perfect consistency, thin but not runny. I had no streaks whatsoever.

Like I mentioned I have been wearing this for three days now. I have no chips and very minimal tip wear (really just the edges and not even all of them). My manicure still looks fresh and I am really impressed with this.

I am going to have to purchase some of the newer Rimmels and see how they compare because this is a great polish. I can't wait to wear the others.

Isn't this color seriously so pretty? Dark but not too dark and shiny!

Love it!!

Are you a Rimmel fan? What are your favorite Rimmel polishes?

Prim and Polished


Really super polishes you got there.
And I like your new template and layout.

I do have a bunch of their polishes, and I do think these are being discontinued too, the new displays don't have them, so it's good you snatched those up. If you can, get the green, Camouflage - it's gorgeous. They have some great vampies in that old line too, Deliciously Dark is one of them. That red is PRETTY on you!

Thanks! I will deff keep my eye out for the green! The display was pretty devastated but there are tons of Targets here so I may get lucky lol

I love Rimmel polishes. <3

My very favorites are Pop Apricot (a pretty peachy color with tiny glitter), Punk Pink (a bright-without-being-neon pink), and Frisky Clover (I don't know how to describe this one, haha!).

I owned Pop Apricot before, but I bought a second bottle recently when I found a bunch of Rimmel on clearance at Ulta.

Erin, i am going to have to look for some of those while these are still hanging around in stores!!