Monday, March 8, 2010

OPI: Jade is the New Black

OPI's "Jade is the New Black" is a newer polish which just came out with the Hong Kong Collection. This color seems to be the "it" color of the season and I know many of you, like me, are drooling over this one!

I went into the store expecting to get some of the Essie Art of Spring polishes but this color immediately caught my eye, and my mom's. My mom saw it and said "You have to get that green!" which I thought was funny coming from a woman who only ever wears mauve on her nails LOL. So I caved and got this and I am happy I did.

The color is unlike any I have in my collection. It's a gorgeous dusty blue tinted green. You might think you've seen this color before but I promise it's pretty unique. Check out "Jade is the New Black" next to some of my favorite greens:

So you can see the color is pretty unique. I really like it.

Formula wise it's a pretty standard OPI polish. I HATE OPI's wide brush, it does not work for me, so that's always a negative for me. One thing I noticed though is that this polish chipped significantly faster than other polishes I own. I mean honestly within one day it chipped so horribly I had to remove it. I was not doing anything with my hands, not even dishes, so I don't know what the issue with this was. I used the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler, the polish and Seche Vite top coat. So ya, it chipped. Anyway on to the swatches:

So what do you think? Are you going to pick this one up?

Prim and Polished


Love it on you!!I have to get this one!

Thanks Katie! Let me know if you pick it up!

Already ordered ;-)
I'm not very happy to hear about chipping, polishes really last nothing on me so this will be a "one day" one :-(
Anyway I like it, and think it looks very good on you!

Looks awesome on ye! I love this one. I may pull it on next week.

Sorry it was chippy on you; that's always frustrating. I had really good results. I put it on Thursday night and it didn't chip until sometime on Monday. I was extra impressed because on Friday I'd opened a drawer too quickly and tore a nail - but the polish didn't chip at all! I redid that nail with a silk wrap that night and took all the polish off on Monday night.

That is a lovely color, I love how unique it is!

JITNB looks gorgeous on you! I am sorry that it chipped so fast, though. :(

Yay for the wide brush hate! I can't stand this brush too.. its way to wide for my narrow nails. :(

Smalty - I hope you have been luck than I did with the chipping, looks like others had better luck!!! Let me know how you like it when you get it!! :-)

L - thanks!!!! I love it too!

Chynna - lucky!!!! i am jealous!! Sorry you broke a nail we all hate when that happens!

Tennsley & Gildedangel thanks ladies!

the-swatchaholic - YAY! Wide brush haters unite! So many people love it. I DESPISE it! Glad I am not alone!!! Makes me favor other brands for sure.

looks great! great bottle comparison too :)

Thanks Brooke. I always find the bottle comparisons helpful. I always wish I had this polish, or that polish with me to compare when I shop LOL. Sometimes I *think I have a dupe only to discover I do not!!!

I have given up on OPI polishes, after a long time fan I have come to realize that they chip so quickly. Cheaper polishes and other brands last much longer.

I tend to agree. For the cost they do not live up to their hype. They put out interest colors but IMO brands like China Glaze, Pure Ice and Orly are much better quality

I did pick this up and I love it! I didn't even think I was that into greens for polishes but when I put this on, I was in love. :)

I too always think I am not into the greens and then every time I am draw to them and LOVE them on my nails (like Four Leaf Clover, almost skipped it now I adore it!

Yes wide brush haters unite, Gina! :D

I don't know what OPI was thinking when the made this brush. The brush is wider than the nail of my pinkie. O.o

That is so odd: many people complains about OPI chipping, but in my experiece it is one of the most wearable polishes there is! JITNB is the jewel of my greens, you're right about it being unique. Awesome swatch! :D

Am I the only one loving the ProWide??? :D

It's wider than my pinkie too! It's so much cleanup when I use OPI!! ugh!!!!!!

Ahh you're lucky OPI doesn't chip on you. Sometimes I have to suck it up for a great color though!

Ugh, the wide brushes bother me too - too wide for my nails :( nice comparision!

Thanks Brooke!!! I am glad I am not the only one who hates those brushes. What a mess!!