Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Misa: Runway Diva

So I was all ready to get into the Christmas spirit with a nice fresh manicure of China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle when I got a call from an employment agency to come down and register with a recruiter. I figured if they were going to help me find employment as an attorney I better show up sans glitter and looking a touch more professional, eh? So I got out a mauve-y pink color in the form on Misa's Runway Diva.

I fiddled with the camera settings and took these photos outside in the sun with no flash. I think these are much better quality than my last swatch photo so from now on I think it's outdoors in the sun for me.

So what do I think of Misa Runway Diva? I hate it. I may have received a bad polish from Trans Design because when I received it it had a bit of polish on the outside of the bottle and the inside looked a hot mess. So keep that in mind if you've had a better experience with Misa.

This was my first Misa polish and a nightmare to apply. I am considering tossing the bottle. The formula was thick and hard to work with. The color is okay but I expected more. I saw some gorgeous swatches of this and I think it didn't live up to those images at all. The color is similar to China Glaze's Fifth Avenue, which is much easier to work with. I think the color is work appropriate. Nothing extraordinary.

These swatches are two coats over a base coat and finished a topcoat, FYI.