Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowed In

So, we're snowed in. No seriously, we're completely stuck. There's at least three feet of snow on the ground and our street has not been plowed, at all. Not even a little. The storm ended yesterday morning. Don't believe me, check out the pics:

Here's Steve in the road. Yes, that is a city street, the only way in or out of here...

Here are some cars parked up the road.... 

There's me at the top of my hill. What a mess. Excuse the ridiculous outfit LOL:

Here is where the plows just stopped trying. This is because all of those cars on the street are illegally parked. My condos are behind these ones, there's no way to get to them but to drive through here... can't drive over three feet of snow:  

How do you even begin to remove this?

 Our Hill:

What a mess... 

So we're stuck. There are rumors that it could be days.... this stinks!

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