Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ruby Wing: Electric Firefly

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well. Today I want to show you a polish I received from Ruby Wing for consideration. This is Electric Firefly and it's a really fun color changing polish. It's not like the gradient color change polishes that work off of your body temperature (which I LOVE, like an instant French mani) but rather, it works off of the sun. Yup, this is a solar activated color changing polish. 

Electric Firefly starts out highlighter yellow, indoors, and turns a warm orange in the sunlight. I took a series of photos to show you the transition:

Cool right? 

Now, this color is not my usual cup of tea but it was fun to watch it change. I think kids would love this concept. 

I used two coats for the opacity show and may have been better off with three, but two is pretty much fully opaque.  I didn't have any issues with application.

Overall, this is a fun concept. I think I like the ones that change off of your temperature better, those are so cool, but this is still fun to play with. Like I mentioned above, I think kids would love this concept.

Have tried any Ruby Wing color changing polishes? What did you think of them? Will you seek these out?

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