Saturday, May 7, 2011

Essie: Sand Tropez

Hi everyone! I've been so bad at posting lately! I am so sorry!!! I suck! Today I have an Essie color to share. I haven't really posted many Essie polishes lately, so why not!?

This is Essie's Sand Tropez which is from their redesigned drugstore available line.  So the bottle is different (read cheap looking) and the color name is on a sticker on top of the handle.  I got this at CVS. I only bought it because I had some coupons because I am annoyed that CVS has these for $8.75. What the hell is that? When Essie was Salon only its   MSRP was $8. So why is it more expensive now that it's in CVS and Wal-mart. Not cool. I really resent that!

Oh well. This color is a nice taupe/gray nude color. It's different from all of the taupes out there but it leans towards being just another gray to me. In the bottle it looks more brownish but on my nails it's def. just another light gray. I love colors like this but I don't need 40 bottles of the same color. I suppose it is ever so slightly differnent than the grays in my collection but it's not 100% unique. Oh well. 

Formula was good. It was fully opaque in two coats and went on with no issues. The Essie brush is very small so don't expect to do the old 3 swipe application with this one. That's really the only thing.

So are you a fan of Sand Tropez? What do you think of the new, L'Oreal owned Essie? Do you see it in your drugstores? How are the prices near you? 

Prim and Polished