Friday, April 27, 2012

Office Polish-tics: Raquel's Wild Nails

Hello everyone! Today's my birthday and I walked into this in my office this morning. It put a smile on my face for sure.  My co-workers got me great generous gifts and they didn't have to buy me a thing! I love birthdays!!!!!

Tonight my husband and I are going for dinner at my parents' house, my mom is making chicken parm which is my favorite. She also made a carrot cake from scratch so I am so excited to see how that turned out.

Keeping with the office theme today, here's another edition of Office Polish-tics, where I show you my co-workers' nails. Today I am showing Raquel's nails again because these are so much fun!!!! She said the guy who does her nails said she's boring for always getting regular white tips so she let him go wild, and wild he did!!!! I am digging these fun alternating color/animal print designs.  

So what do you think of Racquel's nails!?

Prim and Polished