Monday, July 16, 2012

Zoya: Fei Fei (Diva Collection)

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great but went by too fast! Yesterday I bought a new watch. I have been wanting one for a while but have been too cheap to purchase it.  I love the Rose Gold Michael Kors watch that is all the rage right now but the $250.00 price tag was a bit hard to swallow for someone who never wears a watch. I wanted the look but I didn't want to pay the price, just in case I did not enjoy wearing a watch everyday. So I went shopping. I ended up at Macy's and saw that Fossil has a watch nearly identical to the Kors watch I was eyeing but 1/2 the price. SCORE! I love it!

Do you like it? 

On to the polish... Today I want to show you a color from Zoya's fall collection.  This is from the Diva portion of the collection and it's called Fei Fei. Alright, now here's a quick rant about Zoya's names: My name is Gina. There is no Gina nail polish. Zoya names it's polishes with women's names.  So there's no Gina but there's a Fei Fei? Wow!

Anyway, this polish is STUNNING. It's simply my favorite from the collection.  Zoya calls it a "magic blue foil sparkle metallic". It's a deep blue packed with tons of sparkle that are so many different colors I can't even make them out.  It's stunning in the sunlight and I wish my photos captured just how insanely beautiful and unique this one is. Trust me, you need this one. It's amazing.

I used three coats because it is on the sheer side but I had no issues with application. 

Is this gorgeous or what? My photos do not do it justice but I promise it's worth adding to your collection. I have nothing like it. 
Prim and Polished

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