Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zoya: Wednesday

Hello hello! I probably should have posted this yesterday since it was Wednesday but I am not that clever.  This is Zoya's Wednesday  which Zoya describes as a:  "faded dirty medium turquoise with green undertone and an opaque cream finish." This is such a pretty creme color reminiscent of that ever so famous little Tiffany box. 

I had no issues with application and this lovely polish was opaque in just two coats. I love the high gloss shine finish on this one! 

As a side note: COME ON ZOYA! Wednesday? Really? Wednesday? You don't have a Gina but you have Wednesday? Come on! Zoya names their polish after women and yet there's no Gina but there's a freekin Wednesday... not to mention Fei Fei, Noot, Daul and Coco!!! Come on! LOL. In all seriousness there's nothing wrong with any of those names but I'd love to see a Gina someday. I was always the kid on school trips looking for the Gina Key Chain, mug or bracelet to no avail.  To be fair I see Gina more often lately but come on Zoya where's "my" polish!?!?!

Prim and Polished
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