Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween with Camo Nails

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween. It's been an interesting few days here in Connecticut due to Hurricane Sandy but my area was not hit too hard and everyone is okay! I can't say the same for friends in New Jersey and New York but at least they are all ok, even if their homes are damaged and they are without power. We got lucky, we only lost power for 2-3 hours on Monday night and nothing was damaged.  Please know all of you who were in the way of Sandy are in my thoughts as you rebuild and recover. 

Happy Halloween nonetheless. Steve and I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and I was an army chick (lame, I know) so I did some camouflage nail art to match my costume.  I can't take credit for the color ideas, I used the colors DandyNails used in this Youtube Tutorial. Thanks Dandynails! It was super simple.

Here's a list of colors

1. Base: OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window
2. Sephora by OPI: Caught with my Khakis Down
3. OPI: Get in The Espresso Lane
4. Rimmel 10 + Minerals:  Black Satin
5. China Glaze: Matte Magic

All I did was paint all nails with OPI's Uh Oh Roll Down the Window then, using a dotting tool I drew in the lines all over with the different colored polishes until I got my desired look. Then I topped it all with China Glaze's Matte Magic because I feel like matte just made way more sense than shiny would. Couldn't be simpler. 

So what do you think of my Halloween costume inspired manicure? I am not good at nail art so this is about as creative as I get. I am trying to get better to keep the blog interesting but I am just not an artist. ;-)

On a semi-related note: I cannot stand how matte nails feel! I don't know what it is but they freak me out! I am such a weirdo!

What are your plans for Halloween? I want to know your Halloween traditions! Halloween in New England is usually amazing but these last two years have been a huge bummer due to weather. I know lots of areas around me have cancelled Halloween for safety reasons in light of Hurricane Sandy. I feel so bad! It's the second year around me that Trick-or-Treating has been cancelled. Last year we had a huge snowstorm  These kids can't catch a break!!!   Whatever you all decide to do have fun and be safe! 

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