Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OPI Moonraker (Skyfall Collection)

I am going to get this out there right away, this nail polish is an EPIC FAIL for me. I haven't come across a polish which such a horrendous formula in quite a while. I love OPI, I really do, but this is just atrocious quality, I can't say anything else about it.

This is Moodraker by OPI which is part of the Skyfall Collection. Moonraker is a blue-toned metallic silver frost.  I am not a fan of frosts in general but if the formula is done right they can be quite pretty. This is not done right, it's awful. Just keeping it real.

The formula on this is just terrible. The first two coats go on unevenly and leaves huge bald spots. Unless you can apply this perfectly with just three strokes, middle, right, left, not touching the polish already on the nail, you're going to have trouble with this. It's as if the polish removed the polish that was already on the nail. It was just a lumpy mess. I am so in this polish. OPI has not disappointed me in a very long time so I'll let this one slide, but how it made it out of the lab is beyond me. Fail. 

I used three coats to achieve the look below, which is acceptable but not good. I am not into brush strokes. Let me tell you, if I didn't do the third coat this would have been simply unacceptable. 

During application I didn't have my camera ready to go but I did snap two, horrible quality, photos with my iPhone because I was simply shocked with how horrible it was applying. If you look closely you can see the balding that occurred.

Gross right? That was TWO coats. See what I mean, you need the third coat. Even with the third though I cannot recommend this polish. I wouldn't purchase it and I wouldn't give it as a gift. Steer clear. OPI can do better, and they usually do. So this is an outlier but it's crap nonetheless. 

Have you tried this polish? Is it my bottle or did yours suck too? (LOL) 

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