Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scentsy Review and Online Party!

Hi everyone! Have you all heard about Scentsy? My friend Meag sells Scentsy and a few months ago I placed my first order with her and have been hooked on the products since. 

Scentsy is a company that sells wickless, flameless and smokeless candles (tarts) and corresponding decorative ceramic melters. The melters work by gently warming the wax with a low watt light bulb. This concept is excellent. It allows those people who love scented candles to enjoy their scents with no worry of flames, smoke, soot or high heat. These are great for people with children or pets who may injure themselves or cause a fire. They barely get hot so there is no burn worry.

I have the Cupcake Melter. It is three pieces, the base, the melting bowl and a cute vented topper that represents the fluffy pink frosting. Can it get any cuter? The collage below shows how the three parts go together. As you can see a small light is responsible for warming the wax and releasing its scent.  The photo on the top right shows the wax in the bowl, I didn't have the melter on long before the photo so it is still solid. When warmed fully it becomes a liquid pool of wax: 

Scentsy warmers come in a variety of styles from whimsical like my Cupcake Warmer to elegant like the Trellis Warmer.  They also have several different sizes including these really great plug in warmers that would be perfect for a bathroom. 

Scentsy Bars come in generously sized packages for $5. There are also great deals when you buy several. Check out the Combine and Save page for awesome deals.  Here's how you use the Bars: you break off a piece of the bar and place the section into the warming bowl. Turn your melter on and in a few minutes the wax will melt releasing tons of yummy scent into the air. Simple, simple!!

See how the bars are perforated so it's easy to break off a section? 

I find the Scentsy Bars to be strongly scented but not irritating. The scents are unique and complex. My favorites so far are Pumpkin Roll, Rio Beach and Apple Press. I can't wait to try even more. I am really happy with all of the Scentsy products I have tried so far. I plan to get another melter and tons more Scentsy Bars but I also want to dive into their other products too.

Scentsy also has tons of other products from room sprays, to car air fresheners  bath and body products (including hand sanitizer) and even scented stuffed animals.  

Have you tried Scentsy? What are your favorite Scentsy products/scents?

My Online Scentsy Party

So here is the fun part of this review. I have decided, with my consultant Meag, to host an Online Scentsy Party! The party will run now until November 14, 2012.  I do not sell Scentsy so I will not get paid for hosting the party. Like other similar companies (Pampered Chef etc.) I may earn freebies based on sales of my party, I may not. I just want to be sure I fully disclose that fact to you in case it's not something you want to get into. 

I love the products I have tried from Scentsy or I wouldn't have wanted to host a party.  If you're interested please check out the links below. I think these make AMAZING gifts and don't forget the holidays are coming!!! 

Here's how you shop my Scentsy party: You can either click this link and then click on Gina's Online Party or CLICK HERE and you will be taken directly to my party. Simple. No obligation here folks, I just want to share something with you all that has made me happy. 

So get shopping my friends. I love online parties because you can shop in your PJs, with a cup of coffee! That's the best!  If you have any questions or concerns let me know. I have know Meag, the Scentsy consultant running the party, since middle school. She's wonderful! She'll be happy to help you as well and can be contacted right through the party. 

Don't forget to check out the Combine and Save page for the best deals on packages! And look for the monthly specials for 10% off! 

Happy Shopping!!!!!!!!!!!

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: I purchased all of these products with my own money. I do not sell them but I am hosting a party through my consultant. I will not earn money from party sales but I may earn freebies based on sales. Full disclosure here!