Wednesday, June 9, 2010

China Glaze: "Flyin High" (Up & Away Collection)

Happy Wednesday! I hope all of you are making it through the week okay. Summertime is in the air and I wanted to share with you some photos from the beach. My husband and I went to the beach a few weeks ago just to walk along the boardwalk and get some grub. Connecticut doesn't really have very pretty beaches but it's still nice to get out by the ocean every once in a while. I would NEVER swim in the Long Island Sound though, it's just to icky. It's got INSANE amounts of seaweed and is just too murky for me to ever step into. Hahhaa But here are some photos:

Chick's is a pretty good eatery on the sound that we like to go to every now and again. They have FREE beach parking, customer or not so it's enticing to say the least. We always end up buying some food when we're there so it's a good policy on their part to offer free parking.

This place should be on Diners Drive Ins and Dives it's just a throwback to a different time. Food is greasy and satisfying though and come on, where else can you get a foot long lobster roll smothered in butter, fries and cole slaw for $11.99 with an ocean view?

Anyway, on to the polish.... That day I wore China Glaze's Flyin High from the Up & Away Collection released earlier this year. This is the final polish that I needed to swatch for that collection. Took me long enough, eh? I loved all of the colors from this collection and it has the distinction of being the first collection that I purchased in its entirety. Go China Glaze!

This color is a really pretty light almost robin's egg blue. It's a bit less baby blue than robin's egg but it's close. I love this color. This has a really nice shiny quality to it as well which I always enjoy.

The formula on this one was one of the best in the collection for me. It went on smoothly without any real trouble. A winner in my book!

So what were your favorite polishes from the Up & Away Collection have a look back at all of my Up & Away swatches and let me know which ones you like best!

Until next time, be safe and keep on polishing those fingers!
Prim and Polished


Pretty color! Do you know how it compares to Orly's Blue Collar? Speaking of Triple D - I love that show!! We've found a couple places around Albuquerque that were featured on that show that we would've never found otherwise.

This blue is so summery and looks gorgeous on you!

I actually like all the colors! I have them all and had no real problems with any of them. Flying High really looks nice on you!! Went so well with the back drop of your pics. Another Foodie!! I love Fieri's show the 3 D's!! :-)

Hi Megan - I am not sure about the Orly one, I will have to look for that one. Same here with Triple D, found some amazing burgers nearby and fantastic BBQ we'd have never noticed!!! I love Guy!

Rebecca - thanks!!!

Audrey - MAJOR foodie here LOL. I adore Food network!

This is nice! I just bought Essie's Lapis of Luxury, which is a little similar I'm having a giveaway you might want to enter

Hi Kim! Thanks, I will check it out!!!! I love Essie Lapis of Luxury great polish!