Monday, June 7, 2010

Finger Paints "Scenery Greenery"

Happy Monday my friends! Thanks for checking in today!!!! I have a fun green to share with you today. Since I cannot find Essie's Pretty Edgy ANYWHERE I am trying to fulfill my longing for a good green but I doubt anything will be as perfect as that one. The search continues...

So I picked up Scenery Greenery by Finger Paints a few weeks ago at Sally Beauty Supply. It's a great dark forest green creme. It's almost black but not quite, I have a few other dark greens which are even closer to black than this one so this one is a nice middle of the road dark green.

I will do a comprehensive green comparison at some point, maybe once I find Pretty Edgy but until then I did take a photo of the bottle compared to OPI's Jade is the New Black so you can get an idea of the tone.

The formula kind of sucks. It's super thick and gets pretty goopy around the rim of the bottle and on the brush. It can be difficult to work with as you put the initial glob of color on your nail and it is so thick it sort of just goops up before you can spread it out. I was able to make it look decent with a lot of clean up and a good topcoat. I just wish the formula was a little better.

So what do you think of this green? Do you like Finger Paints polishes? What colors do you like from them? What do you think of the formula? Sound off in the comments, I love hearing from you!!!!! Enjoy your week everyone and thanks for taking time out of your day to read and comment! Love you all! :-)

Prim and Polished


That's a pretty green - too bad it's such a pain to work with. I've kinda had bad luck with Finger Paints. I'm not all that impressed with the finish. It's definitely not as shiny on it's own as I'd like. Good luck on the hunt for the Essie green.

I like these shades of green. Really classy.

Thanks for reading and commenting girls! I do wish the formula was a bit better because I love the color but perhaps I just got a bad batch!

I think I prefer JITNB! I've never tried finger paints.

I like the color of JITNB better as well but the formula is awful. I get horrendous chipping. The Finger Paints has worn nicely for 3 days!

My Fingerpaints to-buy list is getting longer and longer.

This looks lovely on you, btw. Love love love!