Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sally Hansen: "Hidden Treasure"

Happy Wednesday readers! I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I have been dealing with some major stress in my life and I am feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. I hope I am making mountains out of molehills but right now I am feeling pretty helpless and hopeless.

On to happier things. I have been searching high and low for another bottle of Pure Ice's Free Spirit to send to the lovely Kellie and even though I went back to the Walt Mart I found mine at I had no luck finding another one. So the search continues... however at the first Wal Mart I found the oh-so-sought after Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen. Though I originally passed on picking it up when I saw it this time I had to make it mine so in the cart it went and I am now the proud owner of this gorgeous flakie!! I am glad I bit the bullet on this because it's really lovely.

I layered it here with China Glaze's Grape Pop that beautiful deep violet from the Up & Away Collection. This color combo is a knockout. Try it, you won't stop looking at your nails. Hidden Treasure flashes mostly orange/gold but in the right lighting it has that great oil slick look to it - flashing peacock green, blue, orange and gold. It's very unique and it's going to be fun to layer on other colors.
Did you buy into the Hidden Treasure hysteria? What's your favorite color to layer it over?

Prim and Polished


Wow. That's gorgeous. I think my favorite so far was over Rescue Beauty Lounge Drifter. That's actually what I tried it over first :)

I did this same layer, and I have to agree, it is mesmerizing! I'll check my walk mart for Free Spirit

That is pretty. I have 4 bottles. Two for me and two for a giveaway. I am a hoarder, shame on me. I have only layered it over one of my CND on my toes.

Stephanie - I will have to check out Drifter.

Rmcandlelight- isn't it amazing!?

Jackie - it is!!! Yes def check Free Spirit

Taki-Better to hoard than run out!

That looks great!! My fav so far with Hidden Treasure is black, but I'm going to try a dark bold blue next.

I does look amazing over black,I agree.

sorry you are having stress...ME TOO! I haven't blogged in over a week...

Still can't find are one lucky-ducky!


Sorry you're stressed too Tiffani!!! :(

Hey Gina, just discovered your site! I am in LOVE with this polish! I am going to go on a search tonight to find it!

Hi Amanda!!! I am glad you like the site!!! I'd suggest hitting Walgreens or Walmart those are the two places I have seen Hidden Treasure!

I found Pure Ice Free Spirit just a few weeks ago, and loved it so much I wore it right away! Such a gorgeous color. And as for HT? I thought I liked it best over green.. until I put it over blue last week... I think I just like it over whatever color I happen to be wearing it on at any given time!

I will have to try it over green- thank you for the suggestion. I m glad you found Free Spirit, I am STILL trying to track down a bottle for Kellie! :(

We don't have Walgreens here but I did find it at Shoppers Drug Mart, can't wait to try it out!