Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest Post: How to Get Stong Nails by Aleya at the Hair Design Institute

Hi everyone! Today I have a fun informative post to share with you written by Aleya from the Hair Design Institute.  She asked if she could share her tips with you guys and I thought that would be fun. Enjoy! 


How To Get Strong Nails
Between typing on the computer, doing housework and using my nails to do things that I shouldn’t use them for I tend to break my nails more often than I would like to admit. Knowing that millions of women have the same problem that I once did I would like to give some advice on  how you can grow some long healthy nails in no time at all.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles
Nail technicians tell us that it’s good for our nails if we cut our cuticles. Ladies, this is completely false. Our cuticles help to protect our nails from bacteria and help us regenerate more cells in the surrounding area to keep our nails safe. Therefore, if you cut them you have a higher risk of getting a fungus which is painful as well as unseemly. If the sight of your cuticles bothers you all you have to do is apply some nail oil to soften them and then push them back before you apply the nail polish.

Moisturize Your Nails
We remember to apply moisturizer to our hands every day but often times forget to moisturize our nails. Just like your skin, your nails need nourishment so that they will be smooth and healthy.

File Your Nails
It’s a good idea to do your nails or get them done weekly, but if you miss a week and don’t have time to treat yourself to a manicure at least put aside a few minutes to file them. When our nails are not properly taken care of they get cracks and are more likely to break. Filing your nails will take less than five minutes and will do wonders for your nails.

Paint Your Nails The Right Way
Many women think that applying thick coats of polish will make their nails strong but this is actually not the case. Instead of thick layers of polish you should apply thin layers starting with a nourishing base coat and ending with a top coat. Your polish will last longer and your nails will get a touch of protection.

Your Nails Are Not Tools
You know the tendency that we have to use our nails to scrape off price stickers from presents or remove smudges from surfaces? That tendency is one of the fastest ways to break your nails. Instead of using your nails to remove things from hard surfaces you should use a knife, scissor or other appliance.

Don’t Use Your Nails To Dial
It’s hard to dial a number- especially on a cell phone- when the keypads are tiny and so we end up using our nails to dial. Be sure to keep a pen handy and use it to dial instead of your nails.

Wear Gloves
Even if you’re in a rush or there’s just one cup in the sink be sure to always wear gloves when doing the dishes. Some of the ingredients found in most dish washing detergents can wreak havoc to your nails and make them weak and brittle.

You Are What You Eat
Foods that are rich in calcium, Vitamins A and C and zinc are ideal for helping you grow healthy nails. The good news is that these vitamins  can be found in fresh fruits and veggies that are delicious. You should also be sure to drink a lot of water because it hydrates your nails.

It will take a couple of weeks but you will grow long, healthy, strong nails that you will love. Good luck!

This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Hair Design Institute which has beauty schools in West Palm Beach and other locations throughout Florida and New York. 

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