Thursday, October 20, 2011

OPI: Bubble Bath

Good morning everyone! Today I have a classic OPI color that every lady needs in her collection for the perfect effort free manicure.  This is Bubble Bath and it's a semi sheer pink glaze of a color that takes no skills to apply and looks clean and polished.  I did this manicure one day before work when I didn't have time to be as precise as I normally am and you know what, I think it looks great. (If I do say so myself!)

I think if you're looking for something easy and classic you cannot go wrong with Bubble Bath.  I believe this is another version of this color floating around out there, it's not pink but sheer ivory. I think that one is lovely too. I think it is the pre-3-free formula though.  Not entirely sure.

I used three coats for the opacity shown. As you can see there is some VNL but nothing offensive in my book. This would make a nice semi opaque french base I think, maybe I will try that some day! 

Do you own this classic pink polish? Is it something you'd rock, at least to work?

Prim and Polished