Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Butter London: All Hail the Queen

Good morning my friends. Thanks for baring with me as I sort out the commenting issues on my blog. I have no idea why that one post was not allowing comments. I still can't figure it out. As long as it works going forward I will be happy. I blog so that I can connect with my readers, without comments I can't do that.  I like Disqus, as long as it works! Intense Debate was a bit better, to me, because you all could share links to your latest blog posts. If you know how I can incorporate that into Disqus let me know. I found many amazing blogs that way.

Anyway, today I have a Butter London polish to share with you all. This is All Hail the Queen which at some point I believe was called All Hail McQueen I am assuming that was shortly after Alexander McQueen's untimely death.  This is essentially the base color of Yummy Mummy with some holographic sparkle added in.  The holographic sparkle makes this shade so gorgeous.  It's subtle indoors but outside, in natural lighting, it's fantastic. I almost wish it was a bit more in your face, but then again the subtly makes it more wearable. 

I used three coats for the opacity shown, two just did not cut it for me. If you recall, I liked Yummy Mummy but felt that it chipped quicker than average for me.  I found this one wore a bit longer but still wasn't amazing in the staying power department.  I think the reason it may have worn better was because I used Butter London's base and top coat. 

I really like the base coat. The one I tried was the Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat. Which comes in a nice large bottle. It had a great matte finish which I am sure helped the polish to adhere well to the nail. I am a sucker for a good base coat, and this is a good one. 

I also used the Hardware P.D. Quick Topcoat which was your average, run of the mill, quick drying top coat.  Similar to Seche Vite, though not quite as thick.  It worked well and did dry quickly, maybe took slightly longer than my beloved Seche, but performed generally the same.  It's 3 Free, which is great for a quick dry top coat, so if you're in the market for something 3-Free then this might work for you.  I love Seche Vite but it does contain Toluene, which concerns many folks. 


Butter London polishes can be purchased at ButterLondon.com, Ulta and some other places online.  They are $14 a piece which is a bit hard to swallow so make sure you go for a color you can't dupe elsewhere.   

What are your favorite Butter London shades? How do they wear for you? Do you find them worth the price?  

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