Monday, March 5, 2012

Zoya: Lotus, Chloe and Tru

Happy Monday everyone. Ugh, I do not know where my weekend went! Today I am going to show you several polishes from Zoya. I think these three colors deserve a joint feature like this so you can see the differences and how they compliment each other.

The first polish  I have to share is Lotus. This is a gorgeous dusty blue toned purple with a really pretty pink microshimmer.  Purple polish is my favorite and this one is so nice! I love love love the pink shimmer in this. I really love how it works with my skin tone. I do tend to favor the blue toned purples, they just work for me.

I only needed two coats for full opacity.  The formula is smooth and balanced.  I did not feel any texture at all from the microshimmer which is great. I had no issues with streaking or balding.  This is a great formula. 

I topped Lotus with Chloe from the Fleck Effect collection. It's a gloden/pink flakie suspended in a really sheer pink base.  It's the prefect top coat for Lotus  because it really plays on that pink shimmer. Depending on the lighting you can get glimpses of pink, gold and even sometimes blue with this one.

The polish is thick but manageable.  I found it very easy to disburse the flecks and the polish is packed with flakies.  Sometimes flakies are tricky but this one is like butter! I love it. 

These Fleck Effect polishes are really fun to play with. Alone, they are really sheer but they do have color in the base. I'd say the base is more of a glaze than anything else. It will tint the nail but never be opaque. I plan to use these mostly for topcoats for that reason.  I do think that if you have a little one who is interested in polish it would be an appropriate color to play with. 

 The first photo has one coat of Chloe the others have two. 

The last color I have to share with you today is Tru.  I chose to feature Tru and Lotus together because in the promo shots they appeared to be similar.  When I posted a preview of this collection one of you even mentioned that my photos were the first where you could actually see a difference.  The base color on the two colors is actually quite difference.  Tru is more of a red based purple.  It does have a similar microshimmer though.  

I used two coats for opacity, and much like Lotus the formula was excellent.  

I love the name of this one. Does anyone else remember the TV show Tru Calling with Eliza  Dushku? I loved that show! Random! 

So what do you think of these purple beauties? I love purple polish! Purple is my all time favorite polish color. What's yours? 
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