Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nail Life "Speed Demon" Top Coat: Review

Nail Life's "Speed Demon" polish dryer top coat is available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and online at Sally Beauty. It retails for $6.99 or $5.99 with a Sally Beauty Club Card.

Upon becoming frustrated with my beloved Seche Vite I decided to try something new. I use the Nail Life Gripper Base Coat (stay tuned for a review) and I love the size of the bottle so I decided to give this top coat a try. Why was I frustrated with the Seche Vite you ask? I absolutely hate the fact that once you're down to the bottom 1/3 or so of the bottle the formula becomes a thick, goopy, impossible to work with mess. So like I said, I picked this up to give it a try.

Now $6.99 or $5.99 might seem steep but this top coat is 1 fl. oz which is double the size of most regular polishes. So I think that's a good value and something to keep in mind when debating on what to purchase.

The top coat is thicker than normal polish but not as thick as Seche Vite, if that makes sense. It goes on well and is never goopy. Sometimes, if I don't get enough on the brush, I do end up with streaks and apply a second coat, but I have a feeling that's more my fault than the product's.

Shine Factor
The top coat is high shine and leaves my nails looking great for days. I'd say the shine factor is pretty much the same as Seche Vite's.

Drying Time
This top coat dries very quickly, going from application to dent free finish in about 5 minutes (I suppose I should have done a more accurate timing because I am not entirely sure, but fast). 5 minutes to DENT FREE, less than 1 minute to dry and dentable. I think Seche Vite does have a bit of an edge with the drying time because I do feel that it dries very quickly to a dent free finish. It is comparable though.

Overall, I'd recommend this product. I love the large bottle and the product performs as promised. I think if Seche Vite didn't thicken so terribly at the end I'd choose it over this one but since it becomes virtually unusable without the help of a thinner I'd have to give Nail Life's "Speed Demon" a slight edge but it's really such a narrow margain that I can't even decide. I love both products. I wish Seche Vite was usable at the end because that quicker drying really makes me love it.

Have you tried Nail Life's "Speed Demon"? What did you think of it? What other top coats do you suggest checking out?

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I just picked this up on whim. I have the same frustration with seche vite. Really hope this works out!

I think you will like it. One thing to be aware of that I have been noticing is that once the bottle gets past 1/2 full you need to be careful not to get tiny bubbles on your nails. That is annoying. If you store it upright and avoid any shaking it should be fine though. Let me know how it goes.