Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sephora by OPI: "Metro Chic"

Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic has become a bit of a recent cult classic. Everyone has been looking for the perfect mushroommy/taupy/grayed out shade for their nails and Metro Chic has been a favorite among nail enthusiasts.

Metro Chic retails for $9 at Sephora stores and at The application is great. The formula is not too thin, not too thick and I didn't get any irritating streaks. I used a base coat, two coats of the polish and a top coat for shine.

Now Metro Chic is a taupy/mushroom/smoky purple color... or so I thought. I thought, from swatches I'd seen on the web, that this was going to lean a bit purple and be one of those nice chameleon shades that always confuse onlookers. Unfortunately on me this leans much more gray and it's MUCH darker IMO than any of the swatches I have seen on the internet, which was a bit of a dissappointment. I feel that my swatches are accurate and while they do in fact look much different from other swatches on the web I see exactly what I see on screen when I look at my nails. I am not sure if my topcoat darkened the polish or what but in the bottle it's that wonderful smoky purple and on my nails it's a blackened gray without much uniqueness. Humph!

Swatches done outside against a fresh snow background LOL:

This is an in bottle comparison of "Metro Chic" and "You Don't Know Jacques!"

And here is a comparison of the grays/taupes in my collection: (sorry for the glare)

Now, the Pure Ice color is a true gray, and as you can see "Metro Chic" is pretty close in color. The Orly color is my "Holy Grail" Taupe/Mushroom. That color is fantastic! It does what I wanted "Metro Chic" to do, it confuses the eye, looks purple/mauve one second then tan the next, it's wonderful.

Does "Metro Chic" live up to the hype? Not really. You certainly don't need both "Metro Chic" and "You Don't Know Jacques!". The formula is nice though, the price is okay, and overall it's a nice polish.

Have you tried "Metro Chic"? What do you think!?