Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sinful Colors: "Dream On"

I purchased this bottle of Sinful Colors "Dream On" from Rite Aid for $1.99. I thought that was a great deal. This is my first bottle of Sinful colors since the 90s so I'd consider my experience with the brand a new one. I have to say this is a really pretty color and it behaved pretty interestingly. Continue reading below to see what I think...

"Dream On" by Sinful Colors is a gorgeous Neon/Creme purple/magenta color. It's richly pigmented and behaves like a typical neon in that the initial application is somewhat streaky and matte. I found the streaky application to be tolerable becuase it was easily fixed with the addition of a clear top coat. I got mine to be opaque in just two coats, though if you're really picky and not lazy like I am I'd go for a third.

Note: the photos were taken outdoors in sunlight, this particular color is coming off a teeny bit more pink than it really is, it leans more purple in real life.

Here is a photo showing the matte like nature of the color without a top coat. I have found many neons perform in a similar manner: (Click to enlarge)

So I'd suggest using a shiny topcoat with this one for sure. As you can see from the photos the topcoat changes the nature of the polish and fixes any streaks that might occur.

At $1.99 at drugstores like Rite Aid and Walgreens I don't think you can go wrong trying something for this line. This one was really nice. I plan to try a few more from this line, Walgreens has a huge collection of colors and many unique and exciting ones.

Any Sinful Colors fans out there?

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