Sunday, December 12, 2010

Revlon Perplex Perplexed my Camera

So there I was... roaming around CVS with nail polish on the mind. I knew I had almost no chance of finding the things I so wanted to find... Milani One Coat Glitters, Milani Jewels, Revlon Perplex. I never have any luck with hot collections. But just as I headed for the door with all hope lost there it was, calling my name. "Buy me Gina." It cooed. A lone bottle of the elusive Revlon Perplex, just one.  I rushed towards the devastated display, arms outstretched ready to tackle anyone going for my polish. It's MINE!  

Revlon Perplex is all the rage in the polish world right now and it was released as a dupe for the expensive ($23) and popular Chanel Paradoxal which I do not own.  I have seen several bloggers comparing the two and for me this dupe satisfies my desire for that shade. If you're lusting after Paradoxal I'd suggest searching this one out at your local CVS. I paid $5.99 for it. So it's a fraction of the Chanel cost. 

Now let me first begin by saying This color freaked my camera out. I really had a hard time capturing the gorgeous subtle shimmer, so for that I am sorry.

Perplex is a gorgeous smoky purple color with really subtle pink shimmer. The shimmer is ultra fine and visible in the light. If you look closely at my photos you'll see it but it just would not show up in my pictures. Sorry! I promise it's there though and it's the quality that makes this shade unique.  

The formula was nothing to write home about but it wasn't bad. I found I got cuticle pooling and that was annoying to clean up but  otherwise there were not insane problems with the formula. 

Have you had any luck finding Perplex? I hope if you want it you find it. I wish there was more than one in the display so I could send one out. I will keep looking though! Hype wise the color isn't THAT amazing but if you were loving the high end version but hating the price then this is the perfect alternative. 
Prim and Polished