Thursday, December 9, 2010

Umberto Beverly Hills Blow Dry Lotion

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a quick and different review for you all. I was recently given a chance to try the Umberto Beverly Hills Blow Dry Lotion and I wanted to share my thoughts on the product.  

For background, my hair is long and thick and when it air drys it is disastrous. LOL okay it's not so bad, it's just wavy in an unruly way, so I usually blow dry and flat iron my hair. My hair takes FOREVER to dry and I usually don't use products other than a heat protectant which is probably why it takes even longer to dry. I have been using this for about a month now so I think it's an appropriate amount of time to form an accurate opinion. 

This is product is a light lotion type consistency. It smells nice in my opinion. It's sort of a unisex scent, fresh, clean, slightly cologne like but not overpowering at all. It's not as cologne like as Chi or Bio Silk products, it's scent is subtle and pleasant and once your hair is dry you don't smell it at all really.  The consistency is nice and does not weigh down my hair at all which is a blessing.

This product is used on damp hair before blow drying. I use the recommended nickel sized amount and put it through all of my hair with my fingers then I blow dry as usual. 

I have to say, this absolutely cut down my drying time by a significant amount. I was really surprised the first time I used this.  I love that about this. It cuts down the drying time and makes me have to use my flat iron a little less because I get pretty sleek results from just blow drying. In fact, if I was pressed for time I would feel comfortable skipping the flat iron all together because this really does give me a nice frizz free look. I am really happy with the results. 

Here's a screenshot of the back of the bottle showing both directions and ingredients:

As you can see, it's paraben free which is great because I know many people are concerned with that. 

Overall if you're having issues with you hair taking forever to blow dry I'd suggest trying this out because I really have been taking much less time to dry my hair. I really love the consistency, smell and results so I can honestly say when this bottle is gone I will purchase another one. 

You can purchase this product at Target stores (LOVE TARGET!!!) for $9.99.  I go to Target all the time so I am excited that this is so readily available and inexpensive. The bottle is HUGE so I find the price reasonable.  The bottle is 8 fl. oz. which is HUGE and since you don't need much it should last months.

Have you tried this or any other product by Umberto? Let me know! I think I am going to check out more of their products next time I am at Target.

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