Monday, December 27, 2010

Rimmel: Grey Matter

Hi everyone! I hope your holiday was amazing and you got to spend time with friends and family. I had a great Christmas and loved celebrating my Godson/Nephew's first Christmas.

Santa got me a silver Helmer which is so exciting. It's like it was made to hold nail polish. It's perfect and I cannot wait to show you photos of how I organized mine. I am going to need another soon though it's full LOL. I love it though. My wonderful hubby put it together for me on Christmas Eve and I had so much fun stashing my polishes in there.  Anyway... on the polish! 

Today I want to share a color from Rimmel with you. This is Grey Matter and it is a gorgeous true grey creme. It's so pretty I can't stand it. I got mine at Walmart for like $2 or something.

This color is great. It's a true light grey. In some lights it does get sort of a blue cast, sort of like a steel blue. It mostly gets that hue indoors but outside it's a true grey. I just love this one. I think it's got to be one of my favorite tones of grey.

The formula is great.  It's a lovely creme and it is super shiny which I love. I have been consistently impressed with Rimmel nail polishes. I find their brushes to be fantastic, they're sort of flat and tapered at the end. Application is always easy and I never have much to clean up. Give it up for Rimmel being affordable and fantastic. Can't get much better than that! 

So what do you think? A great grey or depressing? I just love it! It's a win all the way for me and I see myself wearing this beauty out! 

Tell me what Santa brought you this year! I am curious!
Prim and Polished