Friday, January 13, 2012

Finger Paints: Twisted (Flakie!!! Over Black)

TGIF! I know this will be my third post of the day but those were press releases and tags so I fell like some nail polish porn is needed to even it out :-)

The other day I was near one of the better Sally Beauty Supplies in my area and I hit the jackpot. They had all the new flakies (I only picked up the three I was interested in, Twisted, Asylum and Motley). I was lucky because they only had one of each of the ones I wanted! Score!!! Then on the clearence table they had two Orly's I have been looking for Androgynie and Rock Solid! It was a good shopping day! 

I had to try Twisted  right away! I ran home and layered it over black. It looks amazing over black. It's a multicolored flakie. It's perfection! I am so happy with it. I think it will look amazing over any dark polish! It has red, orange, blue, purple and green flakies to my eye. I just love it. I used two  coats over one coat of a basic black creme:

Do you love this one as  much as I do? It's so pretty! I paid $5.99 each for them at Sally Beauty Supply. I am so happy because my Sally's never has the good stuff. 

Prim and Polished