Saturday, January 21, 2012

Orly: Androgynie

Ugh, there's tons of snow here in Connecticut and I do not like it at all. Steve and I are supposed to watch our nephew, P.J., tonight, but if they don't  make any attempts to plow (they haven't yet) IDK what we're going to do!  I hate snow, it makes me angry. It looks pretty at first but then it's a damn mess of slush and MUD. Ugh.

Anyway, today I have a polish from Orly to share with you. I picked Androgynie up a few weeks back at Sally Beauty Supply when I spied it on the discount table for $3.99. I was so excited for this color because in the bottle it's stunning. It's a deep chocolate brown with tons of silver microshimmer and holographic larger hex glitter. I wanted to love this. In the bottle it's perfect, I could stare at it all day... on the nail... well....

The large hex glitter is very difficult to get onto the nail, it just doesn't come out of the bottle. When it does it doesn't really show up anyway. I feel like it drowns in the base color so even when it is there it is covered in the brown and doesn't show up.

Now the photos are deceiving because you can see the hex glitter. I think that's because I used a flash. When the light hit the nail the larger glitter did show up... in normal lighting though it looked more like a speckled brown with some random hex sparkles (like 2 per nail). Have a look at the final photo of the bunch for the most accurate photo of what this looks like most of the time.

I used three coats in the photos. It was pretty opaque but I did experience some balding upon application.


So I do like this color still but I just want it to work! Please give me some tips for how to make this as amazing as it is in the bottle on my nail!
Prim and Polished