Friday, June 8, 2012

Essie: Clam Bake?!?

So I was recently at Ocean State Job lot checking out their nail polish collection and I stumbled upon something curious. All four of these Essie nail polishes were labeled Clam Bake. Looking at the stock image of Clam Bake from Essie's website I am thinking none of the four were really the color!

My question to you all is: do you think these ended up at Ocean State Job lot because they were simply mislabeled or do you think these were blatant fakes? I happen to think it was just a mislabel. I only had my cellphone with me so I couldn't take a photo of the labels but they all looked like actual Essie labels. Looks like QC at the Essie plant made a huge mistake. There were tons of these there in boxes. INSANE. 

So what say you? Mistake at the Essie factory or counterfeit polishes at Ocean State Job Lot? Have you seen anything like this before?
Prim and Polished