Thursday, June 14, 2012

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps: Metallic Waves

Hi everyone. I hope this post finds you well. Today I have something pretty  cool to show you.  These are OPI's new Pure Lacquer Nail Apps, which are similar to the Sally Hansen products that we've been seeing in the drugstore for some time. These are nail strips, made of actual nail polish, that you peel off and stick onto your nails. The final result is instant nail art that looks like a professional manicure. 

I really like this product and I especially like the design,  Metallic Waves, which looks like zebra print with glitter in between the lines. I wish the shimmer was more evident in my photos because in real life these look awesome.  

Application was pretty easy. You find the strip that matches your nail size, peel off the clear plastic top and then peel the backing off to reveal the slightly sticky bottom and then stick onto the nail. Once you stick on the nail smooth it over the surface (I use an orange stick) and press firmly.  There will be excess over the tips, I tend to fold that under, sort of attempting to cap the nail, and then file off the excess.  There's a slight learning curve with these, however they are pretty simple to apply once you do it once or twice.

The only thing I don't love about them in the tips. Like I mentioned above I do try to cap the tips by folding the excess over, but once you remove the excess it's hard to actually have the tops capped.  So you're left with no polish on the edge, which drives me INSANE. It might be my problem with application but I can't seem to perfect that yet.  Any tips from users?

To remove just use your regular nail polish, these come off just the same.

These will run you about $11.95 where ever OPI is sold. 

So do you plan to try these out? Have you tried them already? What do you think?
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