Monday, June 11, 2012

Nail-Venturous: Floam

Happy Monday my friends. I hope you all had a nice weekend. I had a great one but like always it went by too fast for my liking. 

Today I have a special fun polish to share with you. This is a polish that many bloggers and nail lacquer addicts covet and I was lucky enough to have a fantastic friend purchase one for me last time it was in stock. Shout out to the lovely Alexis for picking this up for me and shipping it to me all the way from Canada. You rock!!! 

So what polish you ask? Well it's FLOAM! Remember Floam from your childhood? I do! That stuff was everywhere, and they still make it! This fabulous polish from Nail-Venturous captures all of those Floam memories in a nail polish, very cool and nostalgic! I love the whimsical uniqueness of this polish.

The polish itself is a matte neon blue and yellow-green fine glitter in a clear base. I used a topcoat for my photos, which is why it has a glossy appearance, but without the top coat this would dry matte. I used three coats and achieved full opacity which is wonderful for a glitter that is suspended in a clear base. This thing is packed with glitter. The final result is very reminiscent of its namesake, Floam, and I just think it's so much fun. 


You can purchase this, whenever it is in stock, at for $9.00 USD. This color is tough to get you hands on so it will require some stalking to make it yours. I think it's worth it though because this polish is unique and so much fun for those of us who grew up in the 1990s.  

Thanks again to Alexis for stalking this and thinking of me when you bought it. I would never have been able to try it out if you didn't hook me up!

Have you tried Floam? What do you think of it? Worth the hype? Will you be stalking it!?
Prim and Polished
Disclaimer: A wonderful friend of mine sent me this as a gift :-) Thanks Alexis!