Saturday, January 2, 2010

LA Girl Rock Star Nail Lacquer: "Live On Stage"

Yesterday I hit the mall in search of Sephora by OPI's limited edition color called "Worth My Weight" which is a gorgeous gold base with holographic glitter:

Before popping into Sephora I went into a store called Amuse, which I knew carried NYX products. I was hoping I'd be able to score an eyeshadow palette but much to my disappointment they did not have the Runway Palettes. They did however have a striking display of LA Girl Nail Lacquers and I was immediately drawn to the gold/holo glitter color in the Rock Star line called "Live on Stage". I swore this was an exact dupe of "Worth my Weight" and much less expensive to boot at just $3.99 (compared to $9). I didn't buy it right away, I decided to come back after Sephora in case it wasn't an exact dupe.

Well to make a long story short my Sephora didn't even have "Worth my Weight" so I went back to Amuse (Not after hitting a beauty discount store and scoring $3.95 bottles of OPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and picking up "Live on Stage".

I am convinced this is the perfect dupe of "Worth my Weight". It has a shiny gold base which is opaque is 2-3 coats (you'll see 3 here) and is filled with both silver and holographic glitter. The holographic glitter is so cool, when the light hits it it reflects all the colors of the rainbow and makes this polish an eye catcher for sure. It was difficult to photograph the holographic nature of the polish but where you see the larger glitter particles is where you'd see the rainbow effect.

The glitter in this is chunky so you'll need a thick topcoat for the polish to feel smooth to the touch, if you even care. Application was GREAT! This is my first LA Girls polish but it will not be my last, it was wonderful in consistency.

If you missed the Sephora by OPI "Worth my Weight" color but were interested in checking it out, save your money (it's still on line but you'd pay $9 plus shipping) and try to get your hands on the LA Girls "Live on Stage" for under $4. I promise you won't be disappointed.

LA Girls can be purchased at LA Girl, and Cherry Culture (for $2.80 right now!!),

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Thanks! It's even cooler in person! Perfect for holidays!!!!