Friday, February 5, 2010

China Glaze "Grape Pop" from the Up & Away Collection

China Glaze "Grape Pop" is a gorgeous bright royal purple that debuted this year with the Up & Away collection. I see it described on Trans Design as a "bright plum" but I disagree. Plum to me suggests a really red based purple but to me this is a blue based purple.

I love purple cremes! This is no exception, this color is fantastic and the formula on this is almost perfect. It's opaque in one coat, yes, one coat. However, these photos are two coats because I like to add a second coat to even out any mistakes I made in application.

If you love cremes and you love purples ORDER THIS NOW!

Prim and Polished


As I told someone else, that color always makes me think of purple jelly beans. Great review! Thanks for sharing.

you're right!! Totally grape jelly beans!!! i need to get creative and post pics like that! With grape jelly beans in my hand LOL. Thanks for reading!

This polish has to be on my wishlist. What a great colour!

I might have to get this one, it is so pretty!!!

I love this colour, it's one of my faves from the Up & Away collection!

@gildedangel, you'll love it!

@evilangel I agree, it's amazing

@soveryfabulous, I agree, it's one of my favs too!

This is a perfect purple, and I love how shiny it is, the color suits you well. This sure is an amazing collection CG did!

I just love this color so much! It has to be my fav from the Up&Away looks awesome on you!!

I love it so much that if it asked me to have it's babies I might just change my mind on the subject.

This is as close to THE purple you can get. It's beautiful and I love it. Then again, I love the whole collection ... :)

I love that you are @replying to everyone! LOL!
This is perfect on you, I love your swatches! You know I can't ever resist a purple so I am quite sure I'll be ordering this one.

@Michele, I agree, the perfect collection. The only collection I have all the colors from! I love it!! I love the shine as well!

@lacquermanic It IS the perfect shade of purple huh? It's like the purple crayon!

@Nicole LMAO "you know you're addicted to twitter when" hahahhaa You need this in your life.

@Kristen LMAO I love it. It might even convince me "anti-baby" to have little purple spawn! hahaha

@Alia it seems to be the <3 of many a fanatic!!! Thanks!

This and Peachy Keen are the only ones I'm going to spring for from the collection. It looks spectacular on you.

Thanks!!!!!!!! I have Peachy Keen but I didn't try it yet I need to!

I'm wearing Grape Pop right now, and it's truly gorgeous.
It looks great on your nails!