Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dr. Dobb's Peppermint Tingle Lip Balm

Hi everyone! Today I am putting down the nail polish to talk to you a little more in depth about an essential in my beauty routine. I know I have mentioned this product before but I thought I would give you all some more information on it because it's my all time favorite lip balm ever and pretty much no one I know has heard of it. 

When I was in law school I was shopping at my school's co-op (bookstore basically) and noticed this little beauty out of the corner of my eye. I needed some lip balm, and I love peppermint, so I purchased a stick and the rest is history.  

On the first try, I was hooked. This is BY FAR the best lip balm I have ever used.  I used to use Burt's Bees and this honestly blows Burt's Bees out of the water in every way. This is the smoothest balm ever. It glides onto your lips and never feels waxy. The peppermint scent and taste is strong, so you have to love it to appreciate this balm. I adore peppermint so to me this is a win! As the name indicates, it does tingle, but not in the way a lip plumper does, but rather it has a cooling, soothing effect on the lips. I just love how cool it feels.

Dr. Dobb's is all natural, here's what's inside:

Coconut Oil: A rich skin moisturizer with healing properties 
Beeswax: Natural base used instead of petroleum or lanolin products
Sweet Almond Oil: Helps relieve pain, softens skins and promotes good complexion Tocopheryl Acetate & Tocopheryl (Vitamin E): Heals burns and skin abrasions 
Peppermint Oil: Cooling tonic with stimulating action 
Lanolin: An emollient that helps penetrate the skin with moisturizing properties
Rosemary Extract: Skin softening agent that helps prevent infection
See all of those great things this contains? 

The only downfall of this product is that it can be hard to find. Here's a list of locations that  carry it, I hope you have a place in your area because this stuff is really worth it! Dr. Dobb's also has a variety of other great products that I have tried, including different flavored balms, bath oil, cuticle butter, and soap. Great stuff!

Have you tried anything by Dr. Dobb's? What do you think of their products? What is your favorite lip balm ever?

Prim and Polished