Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pink Wednesday: Nicole by OPI: Selena

Hello my loves! I hope you're all doing well today! It's Wednesday and on Wednesdays we wear pink so today I have a really pretty one to share with you.

This is Selena and it's part of the Selena Gomez Collection that Nicole by OPI recently released. It's a gorgeous soft peachy pink with extremely subtle, almost undetectable, micro-shimmer.  This is a really flattering shade. With my skin tone I really cannot pull off a try peach color but this has just enough pink that it really works for me. 

The formula on this one was nice. I had no issues with application and it was fully opaque in just two coats. No streaking, no balding, no clumping. A solid formula. 

Isn't this such a great pink? Do you have it? Do you want it? What do you think of it?I am a fan, this one will go in my regular rotation for sure, and most pinks don't make it so that's a huge compliment. 

Random Thoughts:
  • Remember the new washer and dryer I was so excited about? Well, they came in on Thursday. When I got home from work I was so excited I immediately put an entire load of bath towels into the washer. Washer works like a dream. They finish washing, I got to put them in the dryer... turn the dryer on... select desired setting... hit start... and... NOTHING! The dryer didn't work! Can you believe that!? Brand new dryer, didn't work at all! Needless to say I was LIVID! My mother in law was the one who took delivery and the machine powered on, no one thought to make sure it actually worked beyond powering on. I don't blame her, I wouldn't have, I mean if it powered up and the digital display came to life I'd have assumed it worked. I had wet towels hanging all over my house that night to dry!  To make a long story short I got a new one but it didn't come until yesterday... and yes, I tried it, it works! What a week!!
  • Saturday is my husband's birthday! I ordered a cake from a really nice bakery in my area, but I can't tell you what kind in case he reads this! It's going to be yummy though! 
  • Yesterday I made Chinese food at home using a recipe for baked sweet and sour chicken I'd seen over and over again on Pinterest. It was fantastic and you MUST try it! I have my own way of making fried rice so I didn't use hers. The chicken turned out wonderfully.  I was impressed with myself, haha. I made a HUGE mess cooking though! 
That's all for now! Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! I hope it's warmer where you are than it is here in Connecticut! We're in the single digits! 

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