Sunday, January 27, 2013

OPI: Sprung

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a great weekend. I haven't been feeling well since Thursday! That stinks! It's been bone achingly cold here as well so that is not helping one bit! I cannot wait for summer!

Today I want to show you one of the Mariah Carey colors from OPI. This one is called Sprung and it's an absolutely gorgeous shimmering copper. It's super complex and unique. The copper is almost a mauve-y copper. It's strange, but in a good way!  I don't have anything like this one at all in my collection. I love the way it looks when the light hits it, which I think you can see pretty well in the photos. It's stunning.

Now this came out recently so it's really considered a spring nail polish. I beg to differ. This is really a fall/winter color in my book. Now I don't always play by the rules there so it's no big deal but it's absolutely more suited for fall/winter than spring if you ask me.

I used two coats for the opacity shown below but I think you should do three if you really want it to be completely opaque. It's a wee bit sheer with just two coats so take your time and do the three, you'll get a nicer result. This one does not show brush strokes at all though so there's no need to worry about those. 

Beautiful, no? I love it! I am not a fan, at all, of Mariah, but this sure is one pretty polish! What do you think?

Prim and Polished
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