Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zoya: Blu

Hi everyone!!! Today I have another Spring 2013 color from Zoya's Lovely Collection to share with you! This is Blu. I say this every time I review a Zoya polish but these names! They say  they name their polish after women's names but Blu? I mean I guess Beyonce and Jay-Z did name their baby Blue Ivy, LOL but come on, until there is a Gina I am going to keep complaining about these names. hahaha!

Blu is a pale baby blue creme. It's okay but it's a little too based in white for me. These color are just not flattering for me.  It's got a nice shine to it so it's not chalky per se, but it doesn't look right on my skin tone. There's nothing inherently wrong with this one it just doesn't work for me. It happens...

I used two coats for the opacity shown but you need three on this one for sure. Take a look at the balding on the pointer finger.

What do you think of this one? Is it something you're going to pick up? It's not my favorite from the Lovely Collection but it's ok, I'll live. 

Random Thoughts:
  • Today is the day the new washer and dryer come. Is it lame to say I am excited to do laundry tonight. 
  • Crock Pot meal I told you about the other day was successful. I am going to make stuffed peppers tonight with the left overs.
  • Still cold here, but at least the sun is out.
  • Happy Face Off on SyFy is back! I love that show! Who else watches?!

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