Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pink Wednesday: Zoya: Gie Gie or is it Gei Gei?!

Today is Wednesday and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. . . 

Well, this is interesting. I was all set to go with this blog post and then I realized that the name of this polish on Zoya's website is spelled differently than it is spelled on my bottle. So I don't know what the name of this one really is?! I am going to go with what is on my bottle because the photos have already been labeled accordingly but I think I may have a misprinted bottle.  How odd!!!

So I am showing you Zoya's Gie Gie today, which is how it's spelled on my bottle, see the photo on the left... but I think this is really Zoya's Gei Gei I don't know, because as I have said in the past, Zoya names their polishes weird ass names that I have never heard of... so this is either called one or the other, does it even really matter?

Zoya calls this a cherry blossom pink metallic. It's a baby pink color with tons of microshimmer inside, the shimmer looks to me like it's silver or very very very pale pink.  This color would be a nice color to wear to a conservative workplace or a job interview. It's subtle but interesting.

I used two coats which provided full opacity. Well, almost full. Now that I look at the photos there may be some VNL on the middle finger, but it's hardly noticeable so I think two will do it. This polish has a texture to it but it didn't make application any more difficult than any other polish. 


What do you think of this one? How about that name confusion? Which is right?! 
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