Friday, October 1, 2010

The Icing: Black with Blue Glitter

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is well. Today I was going to go to the Big E, which is a huge New England fair with lots of yummy food, but it is raining cats and dogs out there so I guess there's been a change of plans. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be nicer and we can get up there for the day, we'll see.

Today I just have a quick post for you. This is an Icing polish that I got on clearance as a part of a kit which had all black polishes with different glitters. None of the colors have names so I am calling this black with blue glitter because that is what it is.

I have been disappointed with polishes from The Icing. I find they do not wear well at all, they chip really easily which is frustrating. This particular color has a black jelly base which required 4 coats for the level of opacity you see here. That is pretty annoying so I don't see myself using this much. The Icing has some great colors but the quality of their products is lacking in my opinion.

Sorry such a short post. Have a great weekend all and those of you in the north east USA stay dry!

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Prim and Polished


You know I love my blackened pretty! :)

Great choice for fall!

I just wish it didn't need 4 coats!!!! Otherwise it's pretty!!

I have also found that Icing polishes wear terribly...I have two of them, and while I love the colors, I can never get either of them to last two days. :(


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