Thursday, October 14, 2010

Orly: Out of This World (Cosmix Collection)

Hi everyone! Today my husband comes back from his business trip, YAY! He's been in Illinois since Monday and I miss him! I have to pick him and some colleges up at the airport this evening!

Today I wanted to share Orly's Out of This World from the Cosmix Collection. This is a deep purple with mostly pink shimmers. It reminds me a little bit of OPI Ink both colors are super difficult to photograph but I did my best. I don't really love duochromes/shimmers so this really a home run for me. I know a ton of people really love this collection and I wanted to love it too but it really doesn't do it for me. I only picked up two colors from this collection, this one and Space Cadet.

The formula is alright. It seems to dry quickly so it can gunk up the sides of the bottle when applying but overall it wasn't a huge fail. I don't have much else to say about it

If duochromes are your thing you will love this collection. They seem to be running a bit more expensive than normal Orly polishes, some places are selling them for over $10. I got mine at CVS which sells Orly for $7.49 but for some reason these were just $6.99, so strange right? I figured I might as well jump on the band wagon and at least get two of them at that price. Not totally satisfied with the purchase but I supposed it could be worse LOL. They're not horrible they're just not my color preference. Give me a good creme any day!

Are you a fan of this polish/collection?

Prim and Polished


This is the only one I ended up getting from the collection and I haven't tried it yet. Now that I see your swatch, I think it'll be my next mani. So pretty!

I would love me some Cosmix! Maybe it'll get to these shores one day.

I love this collection! I don't have any yet, nearest CVS and Sally Beauty Supply stores are two hours away, and they're my closest source.

I love this collection! I'm so glad Orly came out with it; Rocket Science is my all time favorite though.

Yay! Orly knocked it out the park on this collex... I picked up 4 - INRS, OOTW, SCx3, and GG! Looks good on you, oh, and OOTW turns weird in the sun - black and gold. Fun stuff :)

I managed to pick this one up (along with a couple of the others) before they sold out. This collection was great!! Thanks for sharing this with us - your nails look great. :)

Glad you all like this collection! Thanks for reading girls! :-)

I usually can't stand Orly. Their formula is just not sam-friendly... but this color.... oh wow
I might have to give orly another try because it is spectacular! Thanks for the swatch!

I love this one so much, everytime I see it I want it more!